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Crimson Crows
Crimson Crows (ToA).png
Game Tales of Arise
Leader Zephyr
Notable Members •Nayth

The Crimson Crows (紅の鴉 Kurenai no Karasu?) are a Calaglian resistance organization in Tales of Arise led by Zephyr. They have engaged in a long, fruitless war of attrition against Balseph.


The Crimson Crows are one of the resistance organizations in Calaglia, dedicated to protecting the Dahnan slaves and overthrowing Balseph, the Renan lord who rules their realm. They are led by Zephyr, who has devoted his life to the cause and yet also acts as a father figure to those under his command.

One day, they attack a transport containing Shionne Imeris, who has stolen Balseph's master core. They rescue both her and Iron Mask, the latter of whom they know because of gossip and how he helps other Dahnans. As they interrogate Shionne, their safehouse is attacked by Renan forces, only for the Renans to be defeated by the birth of the Blazing Sword. The Crimson Crows regroup at Ulzebek where, after some preparation, they attack Balseph while his forces are disorganized. The Crimson Crows themselves act as decoys, drawing the attention of the guards while a strike force consisting of Iron Mask and Shionne use the Blazing Sword to assassinate Balseph. The plan works, liberating Calaglia from Renan rule.

In the aftermath, the Crimson Crows aid the Dahnan people in Calaglia, providing food and security to the previously oppressed people. When Rinwell makes it across the border, asking for aid for the Silver Swords, Zephyr decides to join Iron Mask, who has remembered his name of Alphen, and Shionne in their goal to defeat the Five Lords. The rest of the Crimson Crows remain behind to continue to support Calaglia.


  • Zephyr - The fatherly leader of the Crimson Crows.
  • Grenar (ガナル Ganaru?) - A powerfully-built member who takes part in the attack on the transport carrying Shionne. He is voiced in Japanese by Kozo Mito and in English by Griffin Burns.[1]
  • Tilsa (ティルザ Tiruza?) - The medical officer who takes care of and patches up the other members. She is voiced in Japanese by Natsuki Abe.
  • Nayth (ネアズ Neazu?) - A high-ranking member who distrusts outsiders but is very knowledgeable about many things and leads from an organizational standpoint. He is voiced in Japanese by Hiromichi Kogami and in English by Zeno Robinson.[2]
  • Dyron (ダイロン Dairon?) - A member who runs the lodge in Ulzebek.