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Crimson Herzog fon Fabre
Anime Concept Duke.jpg
Appearance Tales of the Abyss
Hometown Baticul
Race Human
Occupation Duke of Kimlasca
Japanese Voice Actor •Naomi Kusumi (game)
•Hiroshi Nakano (anime)

Crimson Herzog fon Fabre (クリムゾン・ヘアツォーク・フォン・ファブレ Kurimuzon Heatsuooku fon Fabure?), simply referred to as Duke Fabre (ファブレ公爵 Fabure Kooshaku-goe?) is a supporting character in Tales of the Abyss. He is Luke fon Fabre's father and husband to Susanne fon Fabre, making him part of the royal family of Kimlasca, serving as Duke and Army Marshal.


Born in N.D. 1967, Duke Fabre married Susanne years prior to the events of the story, and she gave birth to Luke in N.D. 2000. At some point during the Hod War, Duke Fabre invaded the House of Gardios on the Malkuth island of Hod with Kimlascan troops, who slaughtered Guy Cecil's family. Guy, the sole survivor of the incident, was rescued by Pere and lived in St. Binah for a while before going to work in House Fabre, where Guy would later plot to enact revenge upon Duke Fabre by killing his son. During the events of the story, Luke's revelation as a replica comes as shocking news to Duke Fabre, who, along with Susanne, learns to accept both Luke and Asch, the original Luke, as his sons.