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Cross Blade (クロスブレイド Kurosubureido?) is a recurring Wind-elemental magic arte in Tales series and an assault-style arte used by Hubert Lhant in Tales of Graces.

Arte Description and History

In Tales of Destiny 2, this arte manifests as two green wind projectiles summoned on the ground in slight distance between themselves in front of the user. The projectiles rush toward the target and cross after traveling some distance, dissipating shortly after the crossing. The move extends from the Wind Slash arte. In Tales of Graces, Hubert strikes his twin sticks diagonally downward at the same time in a cross-like manner. This arte is usable by Hubert only during the childhood arc and deals Strike-type damage.


Original Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Arise

Localized Description: "An intermediate wind arte that turns the air into a razor-sharp blade for a cross-shaped slash."

User: Rinwell
Localized Quote: "O violent, darting wind, carve now through all! Cross Blade!"

User: Lord Almeidrea Kaineris
Localized Quote: "Writhe for me..."

User: Eizen
Japanese Quote: 幻影よ交わり滅して裂けろ!クロスブレイド!
Localized Quote: "Phantoms combine and tear asunder! Cross Blade!"