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The Crystal Forest (水晶の森 Suishou no Mori?) is a dungeon in Tales of Legendia.


The area is a crystallized forest located north of the Bandits' Lair. As the name suggests, Crystal Forest is entirely comprised of giant, crystallized trees. The forest is infamous for its "Crystarantulas", spider-like creatures that build their nest within the forest. Beneath the forest lies catacombs full of trials that lead to the legendary Everlight.


Main Quest[]

After Shirley Fennes is kidnapped by the man with black wings, Senel Coolidge and the others head to the Crystal Forest. When they first arrive, they see a young woman being chased by a Crystarantula. Chloe Valens suggests helping the girl, but Senel disagrees with her. Will Raynard agrees with Chloe and decides they should help her. While traveling, they spot the girl being chased by Crystarantula again and manage to chase the monster away. Shortly afterward, the monster returns and attacks the group, but it is defeated. After defeating the monster, the girl introduces herself as Norma Beatty and decides to follow the trio. While reaching the exit, they notice their path is blocked by a crystal wall. Norma goes up to the wall to cast Grave and makes a passage for them. Senel and the others decide to add Norma to their group and head to their next destination.

Character Quests[]

During the events of Norma's Character Quest, the group returns to the Crystal Forest to find Norma. After discovering the true area of the Everlight, Norma travels to the Crystal Forest to find its resting place. When the group arrives in the forest, they use Giet to help find Norma. While traveling, the group finds a small opening leading to catacombs located beneath the forest. While inside the catacombs, they find Norma on the floor and give her an antidote to heal her. After being healed, Norma begins to doubt herself and accidentally summons "Dark Norma", a phantom version of herself. After defeating the phantom, Norma solves the trials of the Everlight and arrives in its resting place. While inside, the group discovers numerous messages left by Sven and reveal to Norma that he found the Everlight after all. After returning to Werites Beacon to retrieve Zamaran, Norma uses the Everlight to heal his blindness. After healing Zamaran, the Everlight crumbles and is completely destroyed.