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Csaba Rajk
Csaba Rajk (ToL).png
Appearance Tales of Legendia
Residences Bandits' Lair
Werites Beacon
Age 20
Height 5'8" / 172 cm
Race Orerines
Occupation Bandit
Weapon Dagger
Character Designer Mikiko Ichinose

Csaba Rajk (チャバ・ライク Chaba Raiku?) is a character in Tales of Legendia.


Main Quest

Before the events of the story, Csaba lived in a small village on the Mainland with his childhood friend, Moses Sandor. After Moses was exiled from the village for keeping Giet, Csaba went with him to Legacy and took settlement in the Bandits' Lair.

Csaba is first seen in the game at the Bandits' Lair when he comes to warn Moses about Senel Coolidge and his party coming to save Shirley Fennes. After the party defeats Moses, Csaba comes to tell them that the lair is being attack Melanie and he is told to go open the back door to help Senel get to the Crystal Forest. After Moses loses to Melanie, he and the others head to the Misty Mountains to prepare for their attack at the Waterways. Afterward, Csaba and the other bandits appear at the Waterways and sabotage Jay's plan to save Shirley and Fenimore Xelhes from Vaclav Bolud's forces. After the party fails to save Shirley, Csaba and the others head back to their camp at the Forest of No Return.

When the party escapes from the Ruins of Frozen Light, Csaba and the others are attacked by Cashel and are gravely injured, but they are healed by Stingle and manage to escape. After these events, they are considered to be dead by the party. At the very end of the chapter, after Stella Telmes dies, Csaba and the others are finally reunite with Moses on the battlefield. After these events, Csaba and the others decide to take residence in Werites Beacon, the largest settlement aboard the Legacy.

During the final chapters of the story, Csaba plays a minor role in the story. One scene is after the events at the Altar of the Sea. Csaba is the one who alarms the party that nobody in the city can use their eres. The other scene is after the events at Mirage Palace when he talks to Moses on how the party should be lucky to have Moses with them.

Character Quests

Csaba plays somewhat of a important role in Moses's Character Quest. At the hospital in Werites Beacon, Csaba reports to Moses about the attacks made by galf in the city and tells them the latest attacks came from the Misty Mountains. The party and Csaba travel to the mountains to search for the monster attacked the citizens, but their search end without resolve and they head back to town. The next day after the events at The Crags, Csaba and the others were brutally attacked by Giet and are found by the party. While Shirley is healing Csaba, he explains to Moses he could not hurt Giet, because they consider him a member of their family. Csaba then passes out due to his wounds.

Csaba and the others appear at the end of Grune's Character Quest during the final confrontation when Schwartz sends a clone of herself to attack them at the city. When the party tries to use their super sacred eres to stop Schwartz, Csaba gets sacred eres and defeats the clones. After Schwartz is defeated, he looks up at the sky knowing that Moses the others won the battle.

Appearance and Personality

Csaba is a tall and skinny young man with green-blue colored hair. His outfit consist of a orange vest, brown pants, white sandals, bracers on each arm, and a small dagger he carries on his left hip. Although he is a bandit, Csaba's attitude is very kind and gentle. He also is very loyal to all his friends.


  • Csaba is of Hungarian origin, meaning "shepherd" or "gift". Rajk also derives from Hungarian.