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Cupid's Arrow (ToD PS2)

Cupid's Arrow as it appears in Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut.

Cupid's Arrow (キューピッドアロゥ Kyuupiddoarou?, "Cupid Arrow") is an archery-based healing arte exclusive to Chelsea Torn from Tales of Destiny.

Arte Description and History[]

The arte involves a group of hearts appearing around Chelsea while she focuses a larger heart around her bow before firing an arrow strung with hearts intended for an ally. If the arrow fails to make contact with an ally, nothing will happen, and enemies within range will be unaffected. However, if the arrow does make contact with an ally, the arte will strike them for 1 damage before healing 15% of their max HP, and Chelsea will rejoice. The small damage effect will interrupt spellcasting or attack movements and cause the character to be staggered. The arte is aerial-enabled and classified as being of the Water element.

In Tales of the Rays, this arte is Light-elemental and if Garr Kelvin is in the party, he will become the preferred target of the arte. This arte also alters into Celestial Arrow when used as the sixth or later action in a chain.


Original Titles

Crossover Titles

Fan-Translated Names[]

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes[]

Tales of Destiny (PS2) + Director's Cut[]

Translated Description (Life Bottle Productions): "Heals 15% HP to an ally pierced by this arrow."

Japanese Quote: ファイト!

Tales of the Rays[]

Japanese Description: