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Appearance Tales of Destiny
Tales of Rebirth

Cyglorg (サイグローグ Saiguroogu?) is a recurring character in the Tales series. Thus far, he exclusively appears in the PlayStation 2 remake of Tales of Destiny and Tales of Rebirth. In all his appearances, Cyglorg is depicted as a mysterious clown.


Tales of Destiny[]

In Tales of Destiny, Cyglorg appears near the save point that sits at the door leading to the final boss. However, he does not appear initially, as the game must first be completed. Rather than loading a New Game Plus by pressing the Triangle (Triangle) button on a saved data file with a yellow star, indicating the completion of the game, the player must load the save data normally, which will allow Cyglorg to appear. Talking to him allows the player to access the Arcana Ruins, a 10-floor bonus dungeon, and he will exchange EX Points, which are earned from battles and certain treasure chests within the dungeon, for unique items.

Tales of Rebirth[]

In Tales of Rebirth, Cyglorg is located within Cyglorg's Chambers, a mysterious bonus dungeon where various bosses from the game can be fought. The dungeon is located within a small group of mountains on Calegia's northern landmass. He wields the Force of Mud in this game, capable of creating enemy clones to be fought in the dungeon, not unlike Donnell's combat methods.