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Cyglorg's Chambers (サイグローグの館 Saiguroogu no Yakata?) is the EX Dungeon of Tales of Rebirth, an optional dungeon of a particularly hard difficulty that features bonus bosses and rare items.


This dungeon can only be completed on a second playthrough or higher. The first run through the dungeon ends at Floor 20, on which the player will fight the Sacred Beasts Eephon and Shaorune in battle together, receiving the "Dexterity Orb" upon completion. The second run through the dungeon allows the player to venture past Floor 20 up to Floor 40, on which the player must defeat Zilva Madigan and Geyorkias, receiving the "Distortion Orb" upon completion. The third run through the dungeon will allow the player past Floor 40 up to Floor 60, on which the player must face two groups of the Four Stars at once, making for eight enemies total. After clearing this, the player will receive the "Shining Orb".

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