Aselia Wiki
Game Tales of the Abyss
World Auldrant
Country Order of Lorelei
Region Padamiya
Ruler Fon Master Ion
Holds a neutral position between Kimlasca and Malkuth. The Maestros and Fon Master Ion, the voice of Daath, read the Score.

Daath, Headquarters of the Order of Lorelei (ローレライ教団総本山ダアト Roorerai-kyoudan Souhonzan Da'ato?) is the capital city of the Order of Lorelei in Tales of the Abyss, representing one of the three remaining major political powers present on Auldrant.


Mostly used by those on a pilgrimage to Daath, but also serves as a stop for cargo ships. Governed by the Order of Lorelei. -- Daath Bay

Daath resides on the Padamiyan continent alongside its port, Daath Bay, the main point of access for ships. The Oracle Headquarters lie beneath the Daathic Cathedral in the city, serving as the training ground for all members of the Oracle Knights, with some exceptions, the most notable being Tear Grants, who was trained personally by the God-General Legretta in Yulia City. Only authorized personnel are permitted entry into the headquarters.


Daath is the pinnacle of the theocratic Order of Lorelei led by the Fon Master, with the Grand Maestro as head of its military force, the Oracle Knights. As such, it serves as the heart of Score readings predicted by Yulia Jue ages prior. Daath is named after Francis Daath, one of Yulia's disciples during the Dawn Age of Auldrant, and it is divided into 33 sections to reflect the 33 monuments from Francis's pilgrimage.


  • Daath is one of several names in the game derived from the sephirot of Hebrew tradition; the sephirah Da'at refers to belief and knowledge, the central state of unity among the sephirot.