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Dahna (ダナ Dana?) is one of the Twin Worlds in Tales of Arise.


Originally, Dahna's astral energy was spread throughout the planet so thinly, that it could not become sentient. After the Great Astral Spirit of Rena came to being, and started consuming all of Rena's energy, it turned its gaze to Dahna. To replenish their declining forces, the Helganquil, the natives of Rena, abducted the majority of Dahnan Mages who could perform potent Astral Artes, and reengineered them into "Renans". As a result, the Dahnans who could cast artes grew less and less common, before eventually becoming outright persecuted for their abilities. The Helganquil also abducted several native animals and reengineered them into zeugles, which would obey the Renans' every command.

When the first Spirit Channeling Ceremony from three hundred years prior failed, the Renas Alma was destroyed. To restore it, the Great Spirit decided to use Dahna's own astral energy. The Renans were commanded to invade Rena in an event known as the "Great Conquest", and the majority of Dahnans were enslaved. The Crown Contest was enacted so that Rena could drain Dahna of its astral energy.

In public, the contest is meant to determine the Sovereign every ten years. However, in reality, the Crown Contest is only meant to use the gathered energy to restore the Renas Alma. After around thirty Crown Contests, by the beginning of the game, the landscape of Dahna has been completely altered into five separate "Realms" (?). Each realm is meant to house a specific element of astral energy.

List of Realms