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Dahngrest (ToV).png
Game Tales of Vesperia
World Terca Lumireis
Region Tolbyccia

The Den of Guilds, Dahngrest (ギルドの巣窟 ダングレスト Girudo no Soukutsu Danguresuto?) is the second largest city in Tales of Vesperia. One of the protagonists, Karol Capel, is a resident of the city. During the day, the town is in perpetual sunset due to the refraction of sunlight through the unstable aer.


Dahngrest is a guild city home to many guild headquarters, most notably the Guild Union, which is governed by the Five Master Guilds: Altosk, the most prominent guild in the Union; Fortune's Market, a guild specializing in marketing and sales; Ruins' Gate, a guild that excavates blastia from ruins; Soul Smiths, a rarely-seen blacksmithing guild; and Blood Alliance, a secretive guild consisting of mercenaries and assassins. Dahngrest was built by Altosk, and as a result, they hold the most power in the city and frequently govern guild policies. Altosk's leader, Don Whitehorse, is in charge of the Union. Beneath the city is a series of sewer tunnels known as the Sewer Tunnels of Promise (誓いの地下水道 Chikai no Chikasuidou?, "Underground Waterways of the Oath"), where the rebel guilds hid while the city was under imperial occupation. Etched into the walls is the original Union Oath.


First Arrival

The official emblem of Dahngrest.

Yuri Lowell and his companions first visit Dahngrest on their way to the forest of Keiv Moc, and during this time, the city's barrier blastia fails due to sabotage by members of Leviathan's Claw. Monsters soon swarm the city, and the group aids the Don, as well as various guilds and guild members, in protecting the city and its residents. Afterward, the group visits the Union's headquarters only to discover that the Don has gone in search for the attacking monsters' nest, seeking to eradicate the problem at its source. Deciding their best option is to return to the city later, the group departs and travels toward Keiv Moc.

A New War

The group returns to Dahngrest and makes their way to the Union headquarters to speak with the Don. They find Flynn Scifo in the Don's chamber, and Yuri quickly informs the Don of Barbos's recent actions. Flynn asks that, due to the events surrounding Barbos, the Union relinquish all ties with the Blood Alliance, stating that other guilds are beginning to follow Barbos's example by abusing blastia and disrupting the order of guild society. The Don claims that Barbos has been testing his patience and agrees to Flynn's proposal. He then states that, if Barbos is not stopped, it can lead to a war between the Empire and guilds. The Don instructs one of his subordinates to send a message to Belius of Nordopolica to offer her aid in the coming battle. Afterward, Flynn gives the Don a letter from Ioder that says the Empire will overlook the Union's responsibility in the Barbos affair unless the Don is killed. Shocked, Flynn checks the letter and realizes it to be fake; however, the Don holds Flynn in the Union prison. The Don then declares war on the Empire and leaves.

Outside, Yuri pretends to have lost his wallet in order to get back inside the Union headquarters, leaving the rest of the group. He then visits Flynn in the prison, asking why he came with a letter of war, but Flynn claims it is the work of Leviathan's Claw. Yuri deduces that Ragou is behind the affair, which surprises Flynn, who then states the ploy is to cause a war between the Empire and guilds, meaning another false letter was sent to the Imperial Knights. Yuri then frees Flynn from his cell and takes his place. Not long afterward, the Don arrives and discovers the swap. The Don then reveals he knew the letter was fake but that, if he had not declared war, his reputation would have been tarnished. The Don states that he started a guild to protect the things important to him, and the laws of the Empire fail to accomplish this. He then allows Yuri to search for Barbos in order to escape punishment in Flynn's place. Yuri agrees and departs to find the rest of the group.

As Yuri is reunited with everyone else, the Don and guild members prepare for war. At the "Crimson Stars" tavern, Barbos and Ragou are conversing. Furious, Ragou soon takes his leave, warning Barbos that evil people will get what they deserve—advice that, ironically, will haunt him. The group soon arrives inside. Barbos remembers them from Capua Nor and tells them they are too late to stop the war from starting. As the war begins outside, Flynn arrives with the genuine letters, halting the conflict. Angered his plan failed, Barbos orders one of his men to shoot Flynn, but Karol stops him. Barbos then takes the rifle and fires it at the group. Yuri tells the rest of the group to leave, but they stay, realizing the situation has become too dire. Just as Barbos is about to fire another shot at the group, the mysterious Dragon Rider appears. Barbos then pulls out another sword and uses it to fly to Ghasfarost. Yuri hitches a ride with the Dragon Rider, and the two fly toward the tower in pursuit of Barbos.

Ragou's End

Upon returning from Ghasfarost, Yuri and the others notice the Knights have returned and have Ragou under arrest. Ragou protests by claiming the ordeal is a plot by the Knights to destroy the Council. Flynn then steps in, stating they will not do so and that the Empire and guilds have joined forces, resulting in Ioder and the Don discussing future plans. Ragou questions these statements and grows more defensive. Estelle becomes relieved by the fact that, with Ragou gone, the people of Capua Nor will not suffer anymore, and she vows to ensure the next magistrate of the port town is one of good standing. Afterward, Estelle concludes that she will now return to Zaphias.

Later that evening, as Yuri is sleeping, Karol enters with some distressing news: Ragou used his power to reduce his charges and is going to get off with a minor drop in rank. Karol suggests they see Estelle about the decision, but Yuri disagrees and goes to see Flynn as his camp. Flynn welcomes Yuri, who recognizes Flynn's new uniform is that of Captain. Yuri congratulates him, but Flynn suspects his promotion is not the only thing Yuri wants to discuss. The two discuss Ragou's crimes and are disgusted by the fact he should not pay for them because of the power he possesses.

Yuri states Flynn will make great things happen as he climbs the ranks; however, more people will continue to suffer in the meantime. Yuri then asks Flynn how to deal with villains the law cannot touch, to which Flynn responds by stating he is still trying to figure things out, so Yuri leaves. Later that night, Ragou is seen paying mercenaries and admitting he should be more careful next time. Yuri then confronts Ragou, and though Ragou pleads for his life, Yuri kills him on the bridge to the city. Ragou falls into the below river, mentioning Dein Nomos before his death. As Yuri returns to the local inn, he notices Repede sleeping outside and decides to keep his actions a secret from his friends.

A New Adventure

The next day, Estelle prepares to return to the capital. A member of the Council states they should leave immediately, but Estelle promises that Ragou will be punished for his crimes. The Council member, however, then informs the group that Ragou has not been seen since last night, but his whereabouts are currently being investigated. The group discusses their future plans, but Yuri refuses to bid farewell to the others since there is a possibility of seeing them again. Suddenly, a loud noise captures the attention of everyone, so Yuri and Repede quickly rush to uncover the cause.

A giant, bird-like monster then appears and soars through the city, attacking it. Since the Knights are worn from fighting, Flynn asks Yuri to protect Estelle, who becomes the monster's target when she uses her power to heal an injured knight. Alexei Dinoia soon arrives and orders the Knights to relay a message to the crew of the Heracles, a massive fortress that serves as a lethal weapon. The monster then begins to speak, calling Estelle an "insipid poison" that must be destroyed; however, Heracles fires at the monster, and it retreats. Estelle decides to go with Yuri, but as he compliments her decision, the Heracles fires at the bridge, leaving Yuri, Estelle, Karol, and Repede on one side, separating them from the city.

They then come across Judith, who insists they keep going, but they manage to coerce her into following. Flynn calls out to Yuri and Estelle, and Estelle tells him she cannot go back to the capital yet, explaining there are more things she needs to know about herself. Flynn protests, but Estelle states that, because the information of people suffering in Capua Nor never reached the capital, she must approach problems such as this. She claims this is something she realized during her travels, which is why she must continue her journey. Yuri throws Flynn the core of the aque blastia from the lower quarter and tells him to get it back as soon as possible. He also tells him he will not return to Zaphias because he is going to start a guild with Karol. The reunited group then leaves and travels toward Heliord.