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Dalchia Village (ToCrestoria).png
Game Tales of Crestoria
Country Kingdom of Medagal

Dalchia (ダーチア Daachia?) is a village in Tales of Crestoria.


Dalchia is the hometown of Kanata Hjuger. Its dojo was run by Mibaru and inherited by Cress Albane. Its shelter is an orphanage run by Cody Hjuger and cared for Misella, Nash, and Nisha. On one of it's local hills is home to a field of Brightblaze (シラヌイ Shiranui?), which is Misella's favorite flower. Brightblaze is known to be able to produce flames on their own, especially when it blooms, according to Misella. If something threatens group of them, the nearest flower will release a self-igniting powder that ignites the pedals, creating a storm of sparks. Even when exposed to nearby flames, they burn with great intensity without dying.