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Dantalion (ToD2).png
Appearance Tales of Destiny 2
Race Human
Weapon Staff
Japanese Voice Actor Nagamine Takashi

Dantalion (ダンタリオン Dantarion?) is a minor antagonist in Tales of Destiny 2. His involvement in the game's story is subtle, but he does serve as a brief obstacle for the protagonists at Dycroft. Dantalion is an elderly gentleman with a blond beard and hair and wears a gray suit accented with a gold that compliments the end of this ruby-adorned staff.


Dantalion makes a single appearance during the story, confronting the group at Dycroft, where they are attempting to reach Elrane. He specifically addresses Kyle Dunamis and Reala when he approaches the group, introducing himself as the one who acts out the orders of the "Supreme Elrane". Dantalion urges Kyle to recognize his folly in the situation and leave, but Kyle refuses, claiming that he and his companions must meet with Elrane. As a result, Dantalion then makes a comment about how things cannot go two ways before announcing that he will act upon his own beliefs, as well as those of Elrane's. The group then fights Dantalion and defeats him, and he is not seen or mentioned again.

Fighting Style

In battle, Dantalion fights alongside two holy archers, who are capable of attacking from a relative distance, as well as temporarily shield Dantalion from melee attacks. Due to their lack of an elemental weakness and high magical defense, the archers serve as more than mere battle accompaniments, as it requires a solid portion of the battle to defeat them. Dantalion himself, however, is a highly potent and offensive mage who gains a TP-draining Field of Effect later in the fight. Being of a holy demeanor, Dantalion's weakness is Dark. A spirit version of Dantalion can be fought in the Aqua Labyrinth, alongside spirit versions of Sabnock and Barbatos Goetia.


  • Dantalion's name derives from demonology and can be found in the Lesser Key of Solomon, an anonymous grimoire compiled in the mid-seventeenth century. Specifically, his name originates from the demon Duke Dantalion.