Tales of the Abyss

The Dark Wings are a group of three thieves in Tales of the Abyss. They are met fairly early in the game in the city of Chesedonia, shortly after the party defeats Dist on the Katsbert Ferry. Their group consists of two men named Urushi and York, and their female leader, Noir. They appear to be quite infamous amongst the people of both Malkuth and Kimlasca, and are met quite a few times in the game by the party. While they appear to be no more than mere thieves, they serve a somewhat large role in the game, and they have quite a past as well. They also have an alias as a harmless circus troupe known as the Black Dream, and they use this disguise when they are out stealing. They could be thought of as antagonists by some, but they actually prove to be quite useful to the protagonists, often giving out subtle hints to Luke fon Fabre about where to go next sometimes, and also giving him a head's up about what Asch is up to. As for Asch, they work under him to help him search for the Jewel of Lorelei so that he can find it before the God Generals do.

Origin of The Dark Wings

It is revealed much later in the game that the Dark Wings are far more than mere thieves. If the player takes part in saving the Dark Wings (as the Black Dream) in Grand Chokmah from being beaten up, Noir will thank the group and give the player the "Key of Darkness" item, which will enable the player to enter a room in Nam Cobanda Isle that would be locked otherwise. Once inside, Noir and the other members proceed to tell the group that they were survivors from the Isle of Feres when the tidal wave wiped it out. They managed to get on a passing ship and began to live their lives as the Black Dream.

Upon seeing how people were treated in both Kimlasca and Malkuth however, they began to consider becoming noble thieves. They learned that both Kimlasca and Malkuth were so dependent on the Score that they neglected a large portion of their own people, and completely abandoned them for the Score. The Black Dream began to pick up these people who were abandoned and welcomed them to their family. However, the people needed a place to stay, so the Dark Wings created Nam Cobanda Isle, and surrounded it with whirlpools and other security measures to ensure that neither Kimlasca nor Malkuth could ever reach them and the people that they neglected. The Dark Wings then began to pilfer things from both kingdoms to provide for the people of Nam Cobanda Isle, while simultaeneously recruiting more abandoned people as the Black Dream circus troupe. The people of Nam Cobanda Isle were put to work as performers in the circus, and helped the Dark Wings to recruit more people.

The Dark Wings also revealed that the people of Nam Cobanda Isle didn't know that that the leaders of the Black Dream were also the notorious thieves the Dark Wings. The group also stated that only other thieves know that they are thieves and not circus performers, possibly hinting that the Dark Wings consist of more than just Noir, York, and Urushi.

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