Deadly Force (点穴縛態 Tenketsubakutai?, "Pressure Point Bind Condition"[1]) is an excessively powerful chi-based arte, most widely recognized as one of the requirements for the mystic arte Fire Dragon Rampage.

Arte Description and History

After a prolonged charge delay to draw in chi from the surrounding area, the user strikes forward with their palm to create a powerful blast, freezing all enemies' perception of time for a short duration, similar to the use of an "Hourglass" item. Although this attack requires a very significant amount of time for preparation, it is capable of dealing an unmatched amount of damage with a single strike. However, this preparation period can be interrupted by enemy attacks, much like any spellcaster's incantation, limiting its potential during battle.

While time remains frozen for enemies, the character can perform a specific chain of attacks which changes based on the game, to perform the mystic arte known as Fire Dragon Rampage. This combo chain must be performed entirely within the allotted time, before the time freeze effect ends, or the mystic arte will not activate.

In Tales of Eternia, the required attack chain is represented by two normal strikes, any anti-air arte, and any air arte. Upon completion of this attack patterns, the mystic arte will execute automatically with no additional action. However, in Tales of Graces, three assault artes must be chained together in any order, and Fire Dragon Rampage will replace the activation of any fourth assault arte.


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