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Deidon Hold (デイドン砦 Deidon Toride?, "Deidon Fort") is a border town positioned on Ilyccia in Tales of Vesperia. The relatively small settlement serves as a strong rock fortress built to protect the Empire's capital, Zaphias, from monsters in the plains and functions as a checkpoint between Zaphias and the city of Halure.


Yuri Lowell, Repede, and Estelle first travel to Deidon Hold in order to reach Halure. Upon entering, they find a local merchant, who teaches the trio about the weapon skills function. Estelle explains what weapon skills are to Yuri and how the group can benefit from them, iterating the knowledge from a book she is reading. The merchant then gives the book to Estelle as a gift, claiming she will make more use of it than he will. As the trio is about to leave the border town, a bell rings, indicating monsters are stampeding on the outskirts of town and heading their way. Just as soldiers are about to close the gates, a woman exclaims that there are still people on the other side. The group resolves to save the people and barely manages to do so before the gates shut. The trio is thanked by the people but soon encountered by two men, angry because they wanted to kill the monsters.

Afterward, Yuri and his two companions are greeted by a woman who introduces herself as Kaufman, leader of the merchant guild, Fortune's Market. Upon seeing their recent display, she offers for them to work for her, but Yuri quickly declines. Kaufman compliments Yuri's quick wits and insight, stating she loves a good deal even more. She then explains that there is a large monster known as the "Lord of the Plains", and his minions are currently stampeding because of the time of year, which makes exiting through the gates impossible. Yuri inquires about a barrier, but Kaufman claims that such would require asking the Empire. As a guild leader who has disagreed with the Empire on many things, Kaufman wants to avoid such a route. Yuri asks if there is another way, calling Kaufman's bluff when she claims to not know, especially considering the fact that she is a guild leader specializing in worldwide item distribution. Kaufman then informs him of the nearby Quoi Woods since it is much safer. With this information, the group takes their leave.