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Demitel Sprite (ToP PSX)
Appearance Tales of Phantasia
Race Half-elf
Weapon Whip

Demitel (デミテル Demiteru?) is a minor character in Tales of Phantasia, serving as an antagonist during the early part of the story.


Demitel was once the apprentice of the Scarlet family, which was responsible for much of the research of magitech that was handled by Midgards. He lives in his own mansion on a deserted island, leading others to consider him to be a mysterious figure. A few months prior to the destruction of Hamel, Demitel is believed by the public to have vanished, at around the same time that Dhaos came into conflict with Midgards and its scientists, leading to Dhaos recruiting Demitel to his cause.

Eventually, Demitel sets out to destroy the entire village of Hamel, where the Scarlets resided, as part of a preemptive act by Dhaos to eliminate all magitech research. Even though Demitel is successful in killing all villagers in Hamel, the daughter of his former associates, Rhea Scarlet would not let her spirit leave the world without witnessing the death of Demitel through her own eyes. The girl takes over the body of her best friend, Arche Klein, and through her she encounters Cress Albane's group. They promise her that they would end Demitel's life to avenge the massacre of Hamel.

After solving a series of puzzles and traps in Demitel's mansion, Cress and his friends are finally able to face Demitel at the basement. Upon confronting the group, Demitel quickly observes that the girl standing in front of him is not Rhea, and he laughs at their futile effort for possible revenge. Nonetheless, Cress notices Demitel's hooded skeleton reflection in the mirror, which revealed his identity as Dhaos' minion. The group proceeds to battle and kill Demitel, and in the end, Rhea's spirit could then rest in peace, relinquishing her control over Arche's body.

Appearance and Personality[]

In the original Super Famicom version of the game, Demitel has cyan hair and wears an attire of mostly green. He also has a prominent circle around his forehead.

By the PlayStation version, Demitel's appearance is altered. He now has tan skin. His cyan hair makes a return, with an additional lock of red. He wears a black dress with metal shoulder guards, white gloves and red shoes.

Fighting Style[]

Demitel Sprite (ToP SFC)

Battle sprite in Tales of Phantasia (SFC).

Throughout all of his appearances, he has a single strike arte, Hell Gem.

In the original Super Famicom version of the game, Demitel transforms his appearance accordingly. He now has blue hair combed upward, grey skin, black sclera, and green eyes. He wears an attire og reen with blue sleeves, green gloves and boots, and a black cape. He fights using a purple whip.

By the PlayStation version, Demitel does not transform, but his whip returns as a string underneath his wrist.

As a half-elf, Demitel is capable of casting spells, such as Summon Demon.