Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of the Rays
Residences Hy'Brasail
Age 34
Height 184 cm
Weight 70 kg
Race Human
Occupation •King of Sellund (previously)
•Emperor of the Asgard Empire (currently)
Japanese Voice Actor Tomohisa Hashidzume

Demitrius (デミトリアス Demitoriasu?, "Demetrius") is a supporting character, and later antagonist in Tales of the Rays.


Demitrius introduces himself in the story as the king of Sellund, when Ix Nieves and Mileena Weiss are trying to figure things out about Gefion, and admits that he entrusts everything to her due to being sick from anima contamination. He offers to help them with their next exoflection, which is revealed to be a layering on the previously exoflected world. He is shown to have a close bond with Phillip Reston as well, since they attended the same university.

By the time Mirrage Prison rolls around, Demitrius uses Chronos's powers to turn back time and revert him to his younger self. It is revealed that he is Mercuria's adoptive father, as of the end of the war between Sellund and Bifrost, and he is acting as her guardian even now, supporting her in her goal to bring back the entire fallen empire. Since none of the citizens have memories and are easily impressionable, he declared himself emperor, and thus has rule over approximately ninety percent of the world, sans the Salvation Front and the protagonists' group. He also pins the entire event of the Mirrorshift on Mileena, making her a wanted woman.