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Descender (ディセンダー Disendaa?) is a term used in the Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology series.


Reason of Birth

A Descender is born from a world's World Tree in a time of crisis. When a world is threatened, it uses its mana to give birth to a Descender to travel and use its power to protect the world that made him or her. A Descender is born to love their world. They love them more than anything, which sometimes is not just as positive as other times. Some Descenders, like Widdershin, are blinded by their love for their world and therefore sacrifices many other worlds in order to restore it, while others like Aurora love their world and its people so much that they feel lost and betrayed if the world forgets about them.

Pasca Kanonno is even so desperate to save the world she loves that she destroys the humanity in Pasca because the humans fought over what mana remained, weakening the tree further. It is said that after the Descender has fulfilled his or her mission, he or she will disappear, for there is no longer a need for a Descender. However, a special spirit in the Orphic Maze, named the Niata, tells the Protagonist and Mormo that it is possible for Descenders who have brought peace to his or her world to continue to live and watch it.

In a conversation with Raine Sage from Tales of Symphonia, Mormo says that he is the third Descender of Yaoon. This may imply that the World Tree never uses the same Descender twice. However, in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2, it is explained that Descenders will return to the tree to sleep until the world is in crisis again. When reawakened, they will have no memory of their previous awakening and will only know of their own name, although it is possible for the Descender to return to the world with his or her memories intact and live a normal life. In the Radiant Mythology 2 manga, it is explained that Descenders are also partly born from people's hope for their world's salvation in response to people's negative desires, which results in Goede's birth, making the Descender a foil to Goede.

Power of Descenders

The power of a Descender is enormous, yet it is unknown just how strong it really is. However, the Descender's power was used when Widdershin turned his World Tree into a seed, when Kanonno used her power to stop the mana flow for a time, and when the player gets rid of all the Gilgulim nodes all over Terresia. The reason the player is able to become so strong throughout the game so fast, even though he or she was born just recently, may also be because of the power of a Descender. Although the Descender is incredible strong regardless of how weak the World Tree is, it has been said that the stronger the World Tree's mana is, the stronger the Descender will be. However, it is mana which sustains the life and power of the Descender. In the most dire straits, a lack of mana in the land can adversely affect the Descender, leading to blackouts.

In Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2, Descenders have the power to convert negative energy into mana. This is seen multiple times where the player purifies the negative energy of several different beings throughout the game. In the manga version of the game, Descenders also possess the ability to share their power with someone they acknowledge as equal, making the latter a Descender as well. In Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3, the Descender is is capable of restoring a person's Document, the written record of their soul, to its original state.

Descenders are directly connected to their respective World Trees, and thus, the World Tree's conditions also affect the Descender's health. In Radiant Mythology 2, it is revealed that if the World Tree is tainted by an excessive amount of negative energies, the Descender will be influenced as well and may become the same being as Goede, although this only work if Descender has any negative feelings within him or her. In Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3, when Jildia's fangs stab through the World Tree, the Descender also takes the damage to the point of nearly dying and almost changes into a creature similar to the ones that Lazaris made.

List of Descenders


  • In Tales of the Rays, the name "Descender" is used in tip loading screens as a user name.