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Desian Grand Cardinals
Game Tales of Symphonia
Leader Pronyma
Notable Members Magnius
Headquarters Human Ranches
Tower of Salvation

The Desian Grand Cardinals (五聖刃 Goseijin?, "Five Saint Blades") are the five leaders of the Desians, an organization that terrorizes the declining world of Sylvarant in Tales of Symphonia.


Each Desian Grand Cardinal, apart from Pronyma, maintains a Human Ranch, and each leader, including Pronyma, specializes in a single element. Magnius and Kvar are oblivious to the existence of Derris-Kharlan, while Rodyle, Forcystus, and Pronyma share their knowledge of it during the story. Before visiting the Tower of Salvation for the first time, Lloyd Irving and his companions kill Magnius and Kvar in the Palmacosta Human Ranch and Asgard Human Ranch, respectively. After returning to Sylvarant, Lloyd and his companions kill Rodyle in his monster form at the Remote Island Human Ranch. When the party eventually infiltrates the Iselia Human Ranch, they believe they kill Forcystus, but he survives and attempts to shoot Colette Brunel, earning a swift death from Lloyd. Pronyma, the leader of the Grand Cardinals, is killed by the leader of Cruxis, Yggdrasill, for having addressed him by his first name.


Magnius (tvtropes) Kvar (tvtropes) Rodyle (tvtropes) Forcystus (tvtropes) Pronyma (tvtropes)
Magnius Kvar Rodyle Forcystus Pronyma

  • Magnius (マグニス Magunisu?, "Magnis") - Maintains the Palmacosta Human Ranch and specializes in the element of Fire.
  • Kvar (クヴァル Kuvaru?) - Maintains the Asgard Human Ranch and specializes in the element of Lightning.
  • Rodyle (ロディル Rodiru?) - Maintains the Remote Island Human Ranch and specializes in the element of Earth.
  • Forcystus (フォシテス Foshitesu?) - Maintains the Iselia Human Ranch and specializes in the element of Wind.
  • Pronyma (プロネーマ Puroneema?) - Leader of the Grand Cardinals and specializes in Water and Ice, representing two elements, albeit with the same properties.


  • In Tales of Symphonia: The Animation, each Grand Cardinal apart from Kvar is alive, whereas Kvar is eventually killed by Kratos Aurion in the Asgard Human Ranch with a single stab. Although Magnius attempts to attack the group after the Seal of Wind, as in the manga, he is stopped by Colette's unnamed Angel Skill, and once he manages to get inside, the group has already escaped.
  • In the manga, Forcystus dies in Iselia during his first fight against Lloyd; Rodyle dies almost immediately after Kvar by the hands of Pronyma for acting against Cruxis; Magnius dies after the party visits the Seal of Wind; and Pronyma is additionally killed by Yggdrasill because she uses a spell that is dangerous to Martel.
  • Rodyle is the only Grand Cardinal who isn't fought in his regular form, instead being mutated by an unstable Exsphere into a bizarre monster. Thus his regular fighting style is not known.