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A map of Desolation as it appears in Tales of Berseria.

Desolation (ウェイストランド Eisutorando?, "Wasteland") is the name given to the world in which Tales of Berseria takes place. Due to the limited technology of the world's setting, not all of the world is known, though through the advent of ships and other exploration innovations, such as compasses, more and more of the world is gradually being discovered. The populated regions of the world fall under the rule of the Holy Midgand Empire, which governs through the influence of the Abbey.

In between the events of Berseria and its distant sequel, Tales of Zestiria, which takes place around 1,000 years after Tales of Berseria, the large continents in close proximity with each other merge to form the supercontinent of Glenwood, a populous landmass that serves as the setting for Zestiria.


The world is divided into seven regions:

  • Midgand (ミッドガンド Middogando?)
  • Northgand (ノースガンド Noosugando?)
  • Southgand (サウスガンド Sausugando?)
  • Eastgand (イーストガンド Iisutogando?)
  • Westgand (ウエストガンド Uesutorando?)
  • Islegand (アイルガンド Airugando?)
  • Endgand (エンドガンド Endogando?)

Midgand is the large, centermost continent of the world map, housing the capital of Loegres, where the imperial castle is located. Northgand is comprised of the largest, northernmost continent, which is a notoriously cold region as a result of the world's global cooling. Hellawes is the primary settlement of Northgand, where the praetor-rank exorcist Teresa Linares governs. Southgand is the small, horizontal continent to the south, abundant in beaches, coral reefs, and tropicalities.

Eastgand is the medium-sized continent situated east of Midgand, whereas Westgand is a large continent to the west of Midgand and south of Northgand, disconnected from both by relatively small water canals. Islegand is a collection of islands in the southwestern region of the world map, and Endgand is a small, unpopulated continent situated far to the east and slightly north. The prison island of Titania is located directly west of Westgand. Several other regions are mentioned through the game's expedition feature, though these areas are unexplorable and serve merely as references to other games in the Tales series.