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  • Taliesin, Cliff City of the East (東の断崖都 タリエシン?) - The principal city of the Eastgand region. Its location on seaside cliffs gives it a unique vertical layout.
  • Aball, Village of Longing (アバル?) - Velvet's home village on Eastgand's eastern border. It is a humble place sustained by hunting and farming.
  • Hellawes, Tranquil Boreal Capital (静かなる北の都ヘラヴィーサ?) - The seaside principal city of Northgand. The city acts as a major trading hub, sending the resources of the north to the rest of the kingdom.
  • Beardsley, Snow-covered Hamlet (雪積もる村ビアズレイ?) - A village that sits in the frozen outskirts of Hellawes. Its residents reject the Abbey's rules.
  • Meirchio, City of Ice and Snow (氷雪の街 メイルシオ?) - A city at the edge of the world sitting under the aurora. It once boasted the northernmost port in the world, but its waters are now chocked by ice floes.
  • Reneed, Waterside Village (水辺の村 レニード?) - A village founded to expand Westgand and serve as a port of call. Unfortunately, it seems that not everything is going as planned.
  • Lothringen, Tower of the Exorcists (対魔士の塔 ロウライネ?) - The remains of a tower built by an ancient civilization. It is currently in use as an excorcist training facility.
  • Port Zekson, Crossroads of Commerce (交易の中心地 ゼクソン港?) - A trading port located in Midgand, the center of the continent. It is both the largest trading port in the kingdom and the gateway to the capital city of Loegres.
  • Loegres, Jewel of the Empire (栄光ある王都 ローグレス Eikouaru Outo Rooguresu?, "Glorious Royal Capital Logress") - The capital of the Holy Midgand Empire. Site of the royal castle, the Abbey's headquarters, and a cathedral dedicated to the Empyreans.
  • Stonebury, Pioneer Settlement (開拓の村 ストーンベリィ?) - A newly founded village on the far side of the Aldina Plains. The settlement's growth is being fueled by logging in the surrounding old-growth woodlands.
  • Port Cadnix, Mining Base (採掘拠点 カドニクス港?) - A port town in the southwest region of Islegand. It was once a prosperous mining town, but when the mineral supply dried up, the town became a shadow of its former self.
  • Yseult, City of the Southern Seas (南洋の都 イズルト?) - An island floating in the balmy seas of Southgand. The year-round summer weather has given rise to a distinctive local culture.
  • Haria, Home of Old Beliefs (古き信仰の村 ハリア?) - A town where its own brand of Empyrean worship once flourished. The Abbey has wrested control of the faith from the local priestesses.
  • Lionel Island Wharf, The Frontier (辺境地 リオネル島桟橋?) - A small dock in the remote and unpopulated region of Endgand. Minimally outfitted and intended for use only in emergencies.
  • Katz Korner, Dreamlike Paradise (憧れの楽園 ねこにんの里?) - The Katz homeland. The secret password is "Keep your moist little nose to yourself." Be sure to visit the legendary yet enigmatic Katz Pajamas.
  • Normin Island, Isle of Terror (キョーフーの島 ノルミン島?) - An island made of sweets drifting lazily on the sea. The normin are taking a lovely vacation here.


  • Morgana Woods, Crimson Sea of Trees (赤き樹海 モルガナの森?) - A thick forest with colorful leaves abound. The views may be beautiful, but falling temperatures are slowly killing off the vegetation.
  • Tranquil Woods, Autumn-colored Forest (紅葉に染まる 鎮めの森?) - A forest neighboring Aball that is a habitat for prickleboars. On a cape beyond its far side waits a shrine with a forgotten history.
  • Titania, Island Prison (監督島 タイタニア?) - A prison run by the Abbey. Its location on a lone island far out to the sea has earned it a reputation as a place of no escape.
  • Hadlow Hollow, Cavern in the Northern Marsh (北の洞窟ハドロウ沼窟?) - A cave system that lies beyond Beardsley. A river made of an oily substance flows within its depths.
  • Faldies Ruins, Northern Checkpoint (北の関所 フォルディス遺跡?) - A ruin site that stands between the Figahl Icecaps and Gaiburk Ice Field. The Abbey now uses the ruins as a base to control traffic to the north.
  • Mount Killaraus, Lifespring Font (大地脈融点 キララウス火山?) - The world's largest volcano. It is highly active and filled with an with an abundance of mineral wealth.
  • Warg Forest, Emerald Labyrinth (緑の迷宮 ワァーグ樹林?) - A dense woodland that dominates the southeast region of Westgand. For reasons unknown, the Abbey has forbidden anyone to enter.
  • West Laban Tunnel, Underground Passage (地底間道 西ラバン洞穴?) - A subterranean road that extends beneath the western portion of the Burnack Plateau. The passageway exits near the gates of Vortigern.
  • East Laban Tunnel, Underground Passage (地底間道 東ラバン洞穴?) - An underground road that extends beneath the eastern portion of Burnack Plateau. The passageway has an entrance near Lothringen.
  • Vortigern, Sea Gate Fortress (海門要塞 ヴォーティガン Kaimonyousai Vootigan?) - A royal navy fortress spanning the strait between Northgand and Westgand. Its massive gates control passage through those waters.
  • Barona Catacombs, City Drainage System (水道機構 王都地下道?) - An underground passage to the royal villa. In actuality, the structure is a massive aqueduct built to supply water to the capital.
  • Loegres Villa, Abbey Command (聖寮本部 ローグレス離宮?) - An Abbey command center that was formerly the royal villa. Its use was granted to the Abbey as a public symbol of the royal family's trust in Artorius.
  • Galles Lake Road, Yawning Wetlands (深き湖沼地帯 ガリス湖道?) - Wetlands stretching northeast from Loegres. It abundant supply of fresh water supports the capital's population.
  • The Empyrean's Throne, A New Temple (新聖殿 聖主の御座?) - A newly constructed temple dedicated to the Empyrean Innominat. The Abbey situated this place of worship at the very center of all the lands.
  • Innominat, Incarnation in the Sky (天空顕現 八頭竜カノヌシ?) - A temple created by Innominat after he was expelled from the earthpulses. The structure hangs high in the sky above the Empyrean's Throne.
  • Davahl Forest, Fog-shrouded Mystery (妖霧湧く ダヴァール森林?) - A great plain that covers the eastern Midgand. Over the past few years, sudden movements in the earth have birth mountains and disturbed weather patterns in the area.
  • Zamahl Grotto, Den of Daemons (業魔の巣 ザマル鍾洞?) - A cavern system whose yawning mouths open onto the southern tip of the Aldina Plains. None who have set of to explore its deepest depths have ever returned.
  • Yvolg Ruins, Forgotten Edifice (忘れられた遺構 イボルク遺跡?) - Ruins so ancient that not one shred of their history remains in human knowledge. A crest suggests the complex may once have been an Empyrean temple.
  • Vester Tunnels, Old Mining Site (採掘廃墟 ヴェスター坑道?) - An abandoned mine that connects the Brigid Ravine with Port Cadnix. Strange metallic sounds can sometimes be heard from its labyrinthine depths.
  • Palamides Temple, Southern Ruins (南方遺跡 聖殿パラミデス?) - A former holy site for followers of Amenoch. Now the southern base of operations for the Abbey.
  • Baird Marsh, Domain of the Old Kingdom (旧王国の故地 ベイルド沼野?) - A marshland now home only to lingering spirits. The vast ruins speak volumes on the power of the ancient kingdom that once ruled this place.
  • The Calix, Realm of Testing - A space Melchior isolated though rare artes. In this place, one can perform experiments impossible in the ordinary world.


  • Perniya Cliffside Path, Along the Silent Shores (静寂なる プルナハ湖畔崖道?) - A wooded lakeside path. It is said that the capital of a kingdom that once covered this land sleeps within the lake's silent depths.
  • Figahl Icecaps, Land of Dancing White (氷雪舞うフィガル雪原?) - An icy expanse stretching across Northgand. Falling temperatures have made the environment harsher than ever, with heavy snow the source of many dangers.
  • Gaiburk Ice Field, Edge of Survivability (生存限界域 ガイブルク氷地?) - An expanse at the continent's northernmost edge. The volcanic activity of nearby Mount Killaraus warms the ground just barely enough for humans to survive here.
  • Fens of Nog, Secluded Waters (水音切々 ノーグ湿原?) - Wetlands criss-crossed by a labyrinth of waterways. As a trove of aquatic flora and fauna, the region is home to many unique species.
  • Burnack Plateau, The Great Junction (大陸接点 ブルナーク台地?) - A highland that occupies much of the north-central area of Westgand. Shifts in the land are slowly pushing the plateau toward Northgand.
  • Danann Highway, Lifeblood of Trade (中央幹線 ダーナ街道?) - A vital route that connects all parts of Midgand to its capital. The road serves as the main artery of the kingdom's trade and distribution network.
  • Aldina Plains, Land of Vitality (躍動する大地 アルディナ草原?) - A great plain that covers the eastern Midgand. Over the past few years, sudden movements in the earth have created mountains and disturbed weather patterns in the area.
  • Brigid Ravine, Valley of Howling Winds (風鳴く谷 ブリギット渓谷?) - A steep valley made up of complex shelf formations. Even now, wind and rain tirelessly sculpt this fascinating work of nature.
  • Hexen Isle, An Island Wiped from Existence (存在を消された島 カースランド島?) - An island whose existence is known to only a select few among the Abbey's ranks. The secluded area serves as a testing ground for formulae that utilize dragons.
  • Maclir Beach, Thundering Southern Seas (南国の潮騒 マクリル浜?) - A beautiful stretch of beach surrounded by coral reefs and shoals. Famous as a pengyon breeding ground.
  • Manann Reef, Wondrous Rock Formations (奇岩覆う磯場 マーナン海礁?) - A section of shore that extends far into Southgand. Water, rock, and colorful coral blend together here to create fantastic landscapes.

Class 4 Administrative Zones

  • Class 4 Administrative Zone, Aberrant Quarter - A dangerous region quarantined by the Abbey. Those who dare to enter are warned to beware of slime and sludge.
  • Class 4 Administrative Zone - Beast Quarter - A dangerous region quarantined by the Abbey. Terrible howling can be heard from nearby.
  • Class 4 Administrative Zone, Crustacean Quarter - A dangerous region quarantined by the Abbey. Countless insect-like daemons are thought to inhabit the area.
  • Class 4 Administrative Zone, Winged Quarter - A dangerous region quarantined by the Abbey. Flying daemons control the skies above.
  • Class 4 Administrative Zone, Apodous Quarter - A dangerous region quarantined by the Abbey. Strange daemons rule the area, which is commonly called "Serpent Isle".
  • Class 4 Administrative Zone, Demihuman Quarter - A dangerous region quarantined by the Abbey. This territory is claimed by daemons whose abilities blend those of humans and beasts.
  • Class 4 Administrative Zone, Undead Quarter - A dangerous region quarantined by the Abbey. It is a cursed island where the dead are interred and doomed to wander.
  • Class 4 Administrative Zone, Fiend Quarter - A dangerous region quarantined by the Abbey. One visitor came home delirious, talking about how he "didn't want to see any backs".
  • Class 4 Administrative Zone, Armored Quarter - A dangerous region quarantined by the Abbey. On this island, armor-clad daemons battle endlessly.
  • Class 4 Administrative Zone, Elite Quarter - A dangerous region quarantined by the Abbey. It is the fearsome lair of the most powerful boss daemons of every type.