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Devaloka (天上界 Tenjoukai?, "Heaven") is the divine realm of the deities in Tales of Innocence. During the story, all that remains of Devaloka is Sky Castle.


The heavenly domain of Devaloka was once one with the earthly plane of Naraka; however, when they were split, Devaloka required human souls in order to survive. Devaloka's imbalance led to Ratio, including its general, Hypnos, reaping souls from Naraka in order to maintain Devaloka. At times, Ratio is referred to as a region in Devaloka, though it is more commonly addressed as an army of deities fighting to keep Devaloka and Naraka separate. On the other hand, the region of Sensus possessed an army of deities that sought to reunite the two worlds. Asura, general of the Sensus army, killed Hypnos and managed to overcome Ratio through the help of Devalokians Inanna, Durandal, Orifiel, Vritra, and Sakuya.

After obtaining the Manifest from its guardian, Cerberus, Asura was betrayed and stabbed by Inanna with Durandal, leaving the unification of Devaloka and Naraka unfinished, as Asura stabbed and killed Inanna in return. After these events, Devaloka's population drastically declined until ceasing to exist altogether years later. Vritra managed to survive these events, however, and roamed the heavens out of loneliness, occasionally visiting Cerberus. Devalokians eventually reincarnated into those who are referred to as the Reborn, carrying with them thoughts and emotions of the past. At the end of the story, Ruca Milda and his companions use the Manifest to merge Devaloka and Naraka, nullifying the Reborn's powers and lessening the chance of future conflicts.

List of Devalokians[]


  • In Indian religions, a devaloka is a plane of existence where deities exist, which is mirrored in the game's use of Devaloka.