Game Tales of Zestiria
Height 6'0" / 185 cm
Race Seraph
Occupation Sub Lord
Weapon Pendulum
Japanese Voice Actor Daisuke Ono
English Voice Actor Chris Niosi[1]
Character Designer Daigo Okumura

Dezel (デゼル Dezeru?) is a Wind seraph in Tales of Zestiria. Following in the shadows of human society, Dezel is on a quest for revenge against the hellion who killed his friend, Lafarga. He has not fallen prey to malevolence, even though he is filled with hatred. He shows a taciturn nature toward others. His true name is Lukeim Yurlin (ルウィーユ=ユクム Ruwiiyu Yukumu?), meaning "Dezel with Unclouded Eyes".



Five years prior to the events of the story, Dezel and his friend Lafarga traveled the world with a renowned mercenary group called the Windriders. They were eventually asked to become an official part of the Rolance Empire, and Rose was engaged to Prince Konan. Although Lafarga accepted that their journey had come to an end, Dezel was resistant to the idea. Shortly afterward, Prince Konan succumbed to malevolence and became a hellion. He then accused the Windriders of murdering his elder brother, Prince Leon, and his guards dragged Eguille to prison. However, Konan approached the prostrate Rose and told her that he would spare her if she became his kept woman. In response, Rose drew her knives and charged at Konan as he prepared a spell. Lafarga dove between them and took the brunt of his attack, and Rose took this opportunity to assassinate Konan. The malevolence from his heart redirected itself toward Rose, but again Lafarga defended her, this time with his life.

As Dezel knelt on the ground in shock, blinded from the trauma, Symonne approached him and informed him that his blessing had summoned the hellion, referring to him as an "angel of death". However, Dezel does not remember this until shortly before he is killed; at the time, he associated Symonne with the hellion that caused Lafarga's death and dedicated his existence to seeking revenge against her. To do so, Dezel influenced the reformation of the Windriders into the Sparrowfeathers merchants' guild and the Scattered Bones assassins' guild. Over the next several years, he periodically took over Rose's body while she was unconscious to follow leads that might bring him to Symonne, infusing her with his power.

Role in the Plot

Status image in Tales of Zestiria.

Dezel's presence is first hinted at when Sorey and his companions escape Rountabel Palace, when Rose uses the power of wind while escaping through the secret passageway. She uses the same power on Rayfalke Spiritcrest, and at the base of the mountain, she challenges Sorey. Lailah then remarks that she can feel a seraph's blessing, and it is revealed that Dezel is controlling Rose's body. If Sorey flees, Rose gives chase but collapses, and Dezel emerges before disappearing with her body. Lailah notes that the bond between the two of them has not been formalized, so her body is rejecting his presence.

In Marlind, Dezel expresses curiosity as to Sorey's motivation for leaving town, hinting that he may be behind the Scattered Bones' decision to target the Shepherd. However, he does not appear again until after Sorey and Rose make their way to Tintagel Ruins, where he expresses an interest in armatization, asking if Rose is capable of enacting it. When questioned about the reason for his asking, he mentions that he wants to know if it aligns with his personal agenda.

After Sorey unlocks the semicircular door, he accompanies Rose deeper into the ruins on the pretext of preventing her from causing trouble. This excursion eventually culminates in a battle with a hellion, during which Rose makes a Squire's pact, and Dezel becomes Lailah's Sub Lord. After the battle, Dezel expresses concern for the unconscious Rose's well-being. At Edna's insistence, he explains that he has been using Rose to get his revenge. However, he requests that they keep his actions and motivations secret, as he wants her to go on believing that she has come this far on her own.

Mikleo expresses astonishment that Lailah would make a pact with someone like Dezel, but Lailah explains that, despite his hatred, Dezel has not become a hellion because his vessel is pure of heart. If they take Rose with them but leave Dezel behind, he will lose that pure vessel, and the malevolence will claim him. Dezel states that, as a seraph, he has no reason to oppose what the Shepherd does and will work with them willingly. However, if they get in the way of his vengeance, there will be problems. Nonetheless, Sorey gladly accepts him into the group along with Rose.

He eventually dies in battle. Zaveid takes his place after.

Appearance and Personality

Artwork for Tales of Link.

Dezel is tall with tanned skin. He has shoulder-length hair, colored silver with light green tips, which covers his eyes along with a black top hat. His eyes are pale gray from blindness; their natural color is bright green. Because of his blindness, he recognizes his surroundings by reading the wind. Dezel wears a black jacket over a green long-sleeved shirt with one vertical and four horizontal white lines. His black boots come up to his knees and over his black, white, and green pants. He wears gloves and a belt, both of which are brown and have buckles. Dezel is a mysterious seraph who acts on his own accord and will do anything to accomplish his goal. He is very protective of Rose, whom he uses as his vessel due to her pure heart.

Fighting Style

Due to his mastery of Wind-elemental artes, Dezel is able to perform accurate attacks by manipulating the surrounding air. He fights with a pendulum that also acts as a whip. Dezel learned to fight by mimicking Zaveid as he was growing up, though he no longer remembers him.


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  • Dezel is very knowledgeable about many kinds of flora and fauna. He also demonstrates a softer side of himself when around animals, as he scares away a rabbit Sorey and Rose are hunting and lies about the rarity of a certain butterfly to prevent Rose from catching and selling it. The group speculates that this is because animals have been his only friends.


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