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Game Tales of Link
Race Human

Digrita is the queen of Dresta and a supporting character in Tales of Link. She shares a past connection with Bhadra, the Lion of Nidhogg.


A young lady who used her charm and military might to unite the people under her rule. Leading with a mix of strict demands and kind rewards has earned her their respect.

Digrita grew up alongside Bhadra in a small village in the outskirts of Dresta. Tired of watching her countrymen suffer under the rule of their corrupt king, she began a rebellion to overthrow him. Her actions inspired many to join her, including Bhadra. After leading her army to many victories, she succeeded in overthrowing the king. Unfortunately, this created a power vacuum in the kingdom. Knowing what had to be done in order to protect the kingdom, she decided to become the new queen. However, she became trapped in the kingdom's ongoing cesspool of scheming and greed and was forced to put the safety of the kingdom above herself, while acting like a strong ruler in front of the people. After Bhadra began to realize how much she was really suffering, he tried to convince her to abdicate the throne and return home. However, she refused, telling him that she must remain the queen in order to protect the people. Bhadra's desire to free her from her duty as queen is what caused him to join Nidhogg.

At some point, she joins forces with Gaius in order to take down Nidhogg. After Bhadra has been defeated by the Savior, Sara, and Lippy, she appears before Bhadra shortly after they leave the room. She tells the defeated Bhadra that she will make sure that he is punished for all of the crimes that he has committed. After Bhadra loses consciousness, she silently apologizes to Bhadra for the suffering he had to endure because of her and wishes that she could have returned with him to their hometown one last time.

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