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The Divine Aurora as it appears in Tales of Eternia.

The Divine Aurora (真の極光 Shin no Kyokkou?, "True Aurora") is the divine manifestation of power possessed by the god of creation, Seyfert, in Tales of Eternia.


The Divine Aurora exists through the Fibrill, a type of power force, of Seyfert. In contrast, the Dark Aurora is the dark manifestation of power belonging to Nereid, the god of destruction who once ruled Vatenkeist, the non-material realm. The Divine Aurora artes can be used to counter the Dark Aurora and are acquired via the Trials of Seyfert, tests that measure one's worth in yielding the power; if a person passes the tests, he or she then becomes one of Seyfert's chosen. Rassius Luine is one notable wielder of Seyfert's power, having passed the trials himself.


During the events of the main story, Reid Hershel and his companions, seeking to overcome Shizel's Dark Aurora, complete the Trials of Seyfert so that Reid can wield Seyfert's power and stand against Nereid's. The artes associated with the Divine Aurora that are rewarded upon completion of the trials are Aurora Wall, Aurora Sword, and Aurora Wave. Reid and his companions eventually succeed in overcoming Shizel in her castle, ultimately preventing the Grand Fall that threatens the world from occurring by using the Divine Aurora in tandem with the Dark Aurora, separating the planets of Inferia and Celestia, thereby permanently preventing the threat of their collision. Shizel, along with Nereid, is sealed within the Seyfert Ring's core before the Orbus Barrier ruptures, reconstructing reality so that Inferia and Celestia remain separated.