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Divine Judgment (ToS)

Divine Judgment as it appears in Tales of Symphonia.

Divine Judgment (ディバイン・ジャッジメント Dibain Jadjimento?) is an Angel Skill mystic arte mainly used by Zelos Wilder in Tales of Symphonia, though it is also associated with the Bishop class in the Radiant Mythology series and Kratos Aurion in Tales of the Rays.

Arte Description and History[]

A beam of light falls down on the enemy, creating a magic circle that damages all enemies in the perimeter before pelting them with several light beams falling from the sky. A circle of light then erupts from the magic circle beneath the foes, damaging them further.

In later ports after the GameCube version of Tales of Symphonia, Abyssion always starts the battle by using this mystic arte on harder difficulties.

In Tales of the Rays, it is Kratos's Light-elemental overray mirrage arte. Similarly to his use of Shining Bind, his weapon changes into Flamberge for the duration of the arte. His use of this mirrage arte references the nearly identical arteset that both Kratos and Zelos share.


Original Titles

Crossover Titles



In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes[]

Tales of Symphonia (PS2 / PS3 / PC / Remastered)[]

User: Zelos Wilder
Japanese Quote: 俺さまの本気、見せてやるよ!くらいなっ!ディバイン・ジャッジメント!
Romanized Quote: Oresama no honki, misete yaru yo! Kurai na! Dibain Jadjimento!
Translated Quote: "I'll show you, that I'm serious! Take this! Divine Judgment!"
Localized Quote: "I'll show you what I'm made of, Taste this! Divine Judgment!"

User: Abyssion
Japanese Quote: 見よ!この力を!
Romanized Quote: Miyo, kono chikara wo!
Translated Quote: "Behold! This is my power!"
Localized Quote: "Behold, my power!"

Tales of Symphonia: The Animation[]

Japanese Quote: 俺さまの本気、見せてやるよ!くらいなっ!ディバイン・ジャッジメント!
Localized Quote (Crunchyroll): "I'll show you what I can do when I'm serious. Take this! Divine Judgment!"
Localized Quote (YouTube): "Time to show you my true power. Here I go! Divine Judgment!"

Tales of the Rays[]

Japanese Description: 炎揺らめく魔剣を掲け天空より裁きの光を落とす魔鏡技

Japanese Quote: 終わりだ!携えるは緋炎の揺曳!聖なる光に抗ってみせろ!ディバイン・ジャッジメント!!


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