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Doctor Barrs
Appearance Tales of Rebirth
Residences Balka
Age Deceased
Race Huma
Occupation Medical Doctor
Japanese Voice Actor Osamu Ichikawa

Doctor Barrs (ドクター・バース Dokutaa Baasu?), real name Kevin Barrs (ケビン・バース Kebin Baasu?), is a minor character and Annie Barrs's father in Tales of Rebirth.



In the past, Barrs was a well-known and respected doctor who tended to the royal family, having been recognized by King Ladras Lindblum as a brilliant physician. He was an acquaintance of Doctor Curia, both of whom received the treasured Royal Medical License for Exceptional Practitioners award, certified by Calegia and offered only to doctors recognized personally by the King. Around one year prior to the events of the story, Ladras grew gravely ill and died, fulfilling an event known as the Dusk of Ladras just prior to his death.

After Ladras's death, Eugene Gallardo, then commander of the King's Shield, approached Barrs on the matter only to be met with hostility atypical of the doctor. Eugene's suspicions are soon confirmed when Barrs admits to having poisoned the King and attempts to kill Eugene with a dagger. In self-defense, Eugene is forced to stab Barrs, the wound proving fatal. Before he dies, Barrs returns to his normal self and asks that Eugene care for Lady Agarte Lindblum and his daughter, Annie, in his place.

Role in the Plot[]

After Barrs's death, Eugene was removed from his position as commander of the King's Shield and banished from Calegia Castle for having been convicted of murder. Eugene remains silent on what truly happened, knowing Barrs was not in his right mind and wanting to spare his reputation. The event both confuses and torments Eugene throughout the story, and it is because of Barrs's "murder" that his daughter, Annie, harbors a deep hatred for Gajuma, particularly Eugene, whom she attempts to kill when she is introduced in the story.

Although Curia attempts to reason with Annie about her prejudice by telling her that Barrs believed there was "no color in life", Annie remains blinded by her hatred until her trial with the Sacred Beast Wontiga, who reveals to her what truly happened that day. Annie sorrowfully apologizes to Eugene and agrees to help him in search of the truth. Near the end of the story, Zilva Madigan reveals her role in Barrs's death: she used her Force of Moon to swap bodies with him, poison the King, and attempt to kill Eugene. Not expecting to be stabbed in return, she quickly switched back to her own body, leaving Barrs to die in his own. The news saddens both Annie and Eugene but also settles their doubts.