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Doctor Curia
Appearance Tales of Rebirth
Residences Minal
Race Huma
Occupation Medical Doctor
Japanese Voice Actor Yumi Hikida

Doctor Curia (ドクター・キュリア Dokutaa Kyuria?) is a minor supporting character in Tales of Rebirth.


Meeting in Minal[]

The protagonists first meet Curia at the inn in Minal, where she agreed to look after Annie Barrs, having collapsed from exhausted just outside the port town. Annie not yet being a member of the group, the others leave her, asking Curia to take care of her and mentioning Annie's name, which Curia recognizes. The group later returns to Curia to inquire about Claire Bennett, and they are forced to explain their situation before Curia offers any information on the matter. Curia had suspected that Annie was the child of Doctor Barrs, as she had frequented his lectures and heard him speak of her. Curia also explains how a soldier had brought Claire to see her to treat a minor injury, and Claire left Curia with a message to Veigue Lungberg, warning him not to board a boat. When Annie regains consciousness, Curia's Gajuma assistant, Misha, comes to her aid only to be fended off by Annie's racist attitude. As a result, Misha's Force becomes unstable, and he darts out of the inn.

In the middle of town, in search of Misha, Curia explains to the group that Misha's Force is the result of the Dusk of Ladras, and that Annie had echoed his mother's words, warning him to stay away from her, before abandoning him altogether. Although Curia was present at the time and managed to calm Misha, he no longer had a home, so Curia adopted him. Curia later spots Misha fleeing the city, so the group pursues him to the beach and manages to subdue his Force of Fang, which allows him to control Viruses. After a battle with the Viruses, Curia appears and consoles Misha in his weakened state, warning Annie that she must avoid Misha for now. Curia also tells Annie that her father believed that there is no color in life, and that she should consider her father's words before acting in the future. Before leaving town, the group bids farewell to Curia, who informs them that Misha is resting and doing well.

Crisis in Nolzen[]

The group later encounters Misha in Nolzen, where he is assisting Curia, who has been requested at the behest of the Calegian army. Misha leaves in a rush, but not before informing the group that Curia has opened a temporary clinic at the local inn. The groups reunites with Curia inside the inn and briefs her of their quest concerning the Sacred Beasts. Although she finds the story difficult to believe, she agrees to convince the army to lend the group a boat so they can reach the Beo Plains secluded just south of the city.

After waiting a while, the group becomes concerned and goes in search of Curia, whom they find north in the city tending to a group of soldiers who were attacked by Viruses. Curia asks the group for assistance in the matter, informing Annie that she must help her due to the lack of doctors in the city. Annie is hesitant because the soldiers are Gajuma, but Curia reminds her that the treatment for Huma and Gajuma is the same, as well as that all of the soldiers are people not defined by race. After all the patients are treated, Curia talks with the group in the middle of town, praising Annie for her change of heart. Curia then informs them that their boat is ready, and the group departs. In a skit, it is revealed that Curia received the Royal Medical License for Exceptional Practitioners, which Barrs also received and is only awarded to physicians recognized by the King.

Pacifying the World[]

Later in the story, the group finds Curia and Misha in the middle of Minal, attempting to cease the recent disputes that have caused reckless injuries. Curia then invites the group to have some tea at the inn, where she explains how the recent disputes have been arising day after day, overloading Curia and Misha with patients injured in the conflicts. When Claire, who is currently occupying Agarte Lindblum's body, introduces herself to Curia, the group is forced to explain the situation to her. Curia then notices Veigue's hand and tells him to stop by later so that she may examine it for him. When Veigue goes to see her, Curia notices that his hand has begun to freeze underneath his glove due to his Force. Veigue remains defensive and unresponsive on the matter, instead focusing his attention on the situation concerning Claire and Agarte's swapped bodies. Misha then informs Veigue that "Claire" had appeared in Minal just the day before, prompting Veigue to leave in search for her. Curia is last shown with Misha in Minal when the hatred between Huma and Gajuma begins to dissipate.