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Dohalim il Qaras
Dohalim (ToA).png
Appearance Tales of Arise
Age 28
Height 185cm
Race Renan
Occupation Lord of Elde Menancia
Weapon Rod
Japanese Voice Actor Yasuyuki Kase
English Voice Actor Griffin Puatu[1]

Dohalim il Qaras (テュオハリム・イルルケリス Tyoharimu Irurukerisu?) is a playable character in Tales of Arise. He is a Renan man who shows friendship towards Dahna and is well versed in all kinds of art, including music, poetry, and antiques.


In the beginning, Dohalim was a mere member of the high-ranking house il Qaras in Lenegis. He and his friends Tarnigen and Avakhir were violinists who played in the middle of the Civilian Park Zone. He eventually met Fahria, a commoner whose skills were unmatched, and introduced her to the circle. From then on, the only thing that mattered was the song to play. Eventually, Fahria and Tarnigen even became engaged. Dohalim never desired to be a lord. However, he was required to compete for the Crown Contest. Seven years prior to the beginning of the game, he and Tarnigen became fierce competitors for the position. When he inevitably was forced to fight Tarnigen, the later resorted to dirty tactics to even the playing field, wanting to bring Fahria to the highest ranks in Renan society. Dohalim begged Tarnigen to stop, but he would not listen. In the end, Dohalim ended up killing Tarnigen. Distraught, Fahria swore that she would never forgive him.

With the deed done, Dohalim was dubbed the Lord of Elde Menencia. However, once he arrived the trauma from Lenegis proved to be more than Dohalim could bear. Whenever he saw a Dahnan slave cry or hear their screams, he would be reminded of that awful event. Unable to handle it, Dohalim's first act as lord was to abolish Dahnan slavery and establish equality between the Dahnan and Renan races.

Appearance and Personality

Dohalim has curly red hair, brown eyes, and dark skin. He wears a white, brown, and blue attire with a brown and blue cape over his left shoulder. Dohalim dons a bronze neck-armor and armguards as well as blue crystal earrings and several rings on his left hand. His look is completed with white boots with bronze feet and a bronze eagle on his chest.

Unlike all other Lords, who are cruel and power-hungry, Dohalim is a compassionate man who doesn't seek out personal power or gain. He doesn't care about hierarchial structures of society: to him, all people are equal.

Despite his regal nature, Dohalim did have a perverted side to him as well. When the females in their group took a bath in the Hot Springs, Law was listening in on them and Dohalim saw this. Rather than rebuking him, Dohalim used his powers to construct a ladder and encouraged Law to climb it and peek at the naked females, saying that it was a rite of passage for him to transition from a boy to a man.

Fighting Style

Dohalim is a master of rod-based artes and astral artes. His style is a flexible one that lets him attack with flurries of wide-reaching blows up close, or use artes to attack and heal from afar, letting him adapt to any situation. Dohalim's fighting style focuses on spinning it at various angles. Because of his Renan blood, he is able to manipulate his weapon to function at times like a boomerang, but also expel astral energy from it. Like Judith from Tales of Vesperia and Leia Rolando from Tales of Xillia, he is fairly adept at aerial combat as well. As a Renan his martial and arcane artes have Latin- and Italian-based names, but that aspect is lost in the localization. Dohalim's perk, Rod Extension, activates whenever he perfectly evades an enemy attack, causing his rod to elongate, temporarily increasing his Penetration, allowing him to interrupt his foes and land critical hits more often. Dohalim can earn arte profiency in Staff Strike (棒撃?), Demon Strike (魔撃 Mageki?, "Magic Attack"), and Recovery (回復 Kaifuku?). When Auto Mode is activated, Dohalim will primarily target flying enemies, as well as higher level foes during combat.