Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Rebirth
Race Gajuma
Occupation Member of the King's Shield
Weapon Guandao

Donnell (ドネル Doneru?) is a minor antagonist in Tales of Rebirth.


The protagonists encounter Donnell in Climbers' Cavern on their way to Babilograd. Upon entering the cavern, Mao notices the Force Cube detecting powerful Force nearby. After being confronted by the Dark Wings, now claiming to be the "Dark Claws", the group assumes the Force was deriving from them and presses forward. Outside the cavern, in a small cliff area, the group finds two mud dolls, one of Saleh and one of Tohma. Believing they have encountered the ruthless Four Stars officers, the group begins demanding answers from the dolls only to be met with silence.

Suddenly, Donnell beckons the group how they expect to hold a conversation with mud dolls and attacks them with an avalanche of boulders. He then appears, revealing his status as a King's Shield member under the command of Saleh. Donnell's Force of Earth overcomes the group before Veigue Lungberg freezes the ground Donnell manipulates in order to conceal himself. The group is then forced into battle with Donnell and his two mud dolls of Saleh and Tohma. Upon defeat, Donnell sacrifices himself in order to unleash another avalanche of boulders, blocking the group's path. The group proceeds by relying on Eugene Gallardo's Force of Steel.

Appearance and Personality

Donnell is a goat-like Gajuma who wears basic attire and speaks with an unusual accent. The uniqueness of his accent derives from his deliberate attachment of the Japanese sound do, pronounced "dough", to the beginning of certain words. This deliberation is a pun of sorts, as do means "earth" or "dirt" in Japanese, a direct reference to Donnell's Force.

Fighting Style

Donnell wields a spear in battle and attacks with a combination of melee, Earth-oriented moves. He has a large portion of HP but a weakness to Wind-elemental spells. Donnell's Force of Earth allows him to fashion mud dolls from the earth and control them. In battle, he is accompanied by mud dolls of Saleh and Tohma, both of whom are limited to physical combat without access to spells or unique moves. Despite the relatively low HP of these dolls, they revive after a short length of time.

Donnell is fought only once during the main story, as his death immediately follows the battle; however, a clone of his named Crownell (クローネル Kurooneru?) can also be fought a total of three times in Cyglorg's Chambers, the game's bonus dungeon. On the 10th floor, he fights alongside mud dolls of Mao and Eugene; on the 30th floor, he fights alongside mud dolls of Veigue and Annie Barrs; and on the 50th floor, he fights alongside mud dolls of Tytree Crowe and Hilda Rhambling.