Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Hometown Palmacosta
Race Human
Occupation Governor-General of Palmacosta

Dorr (ドア?) is the Governor-General of Palmacosta, the largest town in Sylvarant in Tales of Symphonia. He is admired by the townspeople for his courage against the Desians, as well as taking care of his daughter Kilia after his wife Clara died.


When the party is about to infiltrate the Palmacosta Human Ranch, the Assistant Governor-General Neil stops them, telling them it is a trap. It is revealed that Dorr is actually working with the Desians, tricking the party in an attempt to kidnap the Chosen. When the party comes back to Palmacosta, they learn that Dorr's wife, Clara, had actually been transformed into a monster by Magnius, because Dorr's father, the previous Governor-General, had fought against the Desians.

Dorr was promised a cure for his wife if he worked with them and gave them enough Gald. While being obsessed finding a cure, he had not noticed that his daughter had been killed and replaced by the right hand of Pronyma, the leader of the five Desian Grand Cardinals. The Desians did so in order to spy on Dorr and make sure he kept his promise. When Dorr begins to doubt the Desian's promise, the fake Kilia mortally wounds Dorr and reveals herself as a monstrous half-elf. After fighting and killing the fake Kilia, Dorr uses his final moments to ask the party if Kilia really is dead.

Lloyd Irving, having pity for the man, lies and tells him that the real Kilia still is alive, something that upsets Colette Brunel. Raine Sage tries to heal Dorr, but as her healing arts are not strong enough yet, she is incapable of doing anything, and turns away in shame as Dorr asks Lloyd to rescue Chocolat and possibly find a cure for his wife. Regardless of the answer that the player chooses, Dorr dies. After these events Neil takes over as the Governor-General of Palmacosta.