Dragon's Nest
Game Tales of Symphonia
World Tethe'alla

The Dragon's Nest is a large, floating nest that roosts several young dragons in Tales of Symphonia. Lloyd Irving and his companions travel here using their Rheairds in order to save Colette Brunel from the Desian Grand Cardinal Rodyle.


When the group lands on the floating island, they find Colette inside an orange magic circle, unable to move. When she sees them, she tells them to run away, as it is a trap. They then notice Rodyle, and Presea Combatir, furious that Rodyle used her to kidnap Colette, attacks him with her axe, only to realize that it is a holographic illusion. The illusion says that he will give Colette to them, as he has discovered her to be useless for what he originally needed her for. When he continues calling Colette a worthless Chosen, Presea urges him to stop. Then, he disappears, and the group notices dragons appearing from the distance. Although Presea says that the chance for them to survive on such a small platform is one-percent, Lloyd says that they still have to fight in order to get away.

After the group has defeated a mother dragon and her two offspring, Colette suddenly emits a floating energy toward them, making them unable to move. Raine Sage realizes that the mana in Colette's body is going out of control because of the magic circle she is standing on. Lloyd tells Colette to get out of the circle, but she is unable to, as she is chained to it. Disheartened, she tells them that she is sorry and that she probably is the worthless Chosen Rodyle called her. Presea, however, tells her not to think that and somehow manages to get close enough to the circle and breaks it. However, the energy attacks her instead, and she passes out. The island begins to fall apart, and the group hurries to the Rheairds in order to esape. Colette is unsure whenever to follow or stay, but Lloyd says that she has to live, prompting her to follow. The island falls then collapses and can no longer be visited.

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