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Driselle K. Sharil
Driselle K. Sharil (ToX).png
Appearance Tales of Xillia
Tales of Xillia 2
Hometown Sharilton
Age •18 (ToX)
•19 (ToX2)
Race Human
Occupation Governor of Sharilton
Japanese Voice Actor Kozue Kamada

Driselle K. Sharil (ドロッセル・K・シャール Dorosseru K. Shaaru?, "Drossel K. Sharil") is the younger sister of Cline K. Sharil and the legal guardian of Elize Lutus in Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2. She is also the lord and governor of Sharilton after the assassination of her brother by King Nachtigal I. Fenn. She is 18-years-old in Tales of Xillia and 19 in Tales of Xillia 2.



Born in Trames 2275, Driselle is the youngest child and only daughter of Lord and Lady Sharil. The apple of her family's eye, Driselle was spoiled by her parents and older brother, Cline, and lived a happy life with them. Unfortunately, her family was shattered when King Nachtigal enforced Pan-Rashugalism and stripped their house of its political power. A year after this came the Purge of the Six Houses, and Driselle's parents were accused of political offense when she was 12. They were captured and eventually executed, and Cline succeeded their father as the Lord and governor of Sharilton while raising Driselle on his own. This, however, meant that Cline would have to leave for months at a time. When he returned home, Cline always gifted Driselle with bags of candies for them to eat to cheer her. Four years after the death of their parents, Cline found and rescued Rowen J. Ilbert, who was wandering the country and had fallen ill. Cline hired Rowen as a butler, and the elderly man has then since faithfully served the family with unwavering loyalty.

Tales of Xillia

Driselle is first seen by the Curio shop in Sharilton, escorted by Rowen. During her shopping, she is nearly swindled into buying an allegedly-genuine, Efreet-fired tea set. However, this claim is proven false by Rowen and Milla Maxwell. Attracted by the beauty of the cup, however, she still buys it, albeit at a lower price. To show her gratitude, she invites the group for tea in her manor. Upon their arrival, she introduces them to her brother, Cline, who has just finished a meeting with King Nachtigal Fenn. Driselle establishes a friendship with Elize almost immediately and is shocked when she hears that the Jude Mathis and Milla were involved in the break-in at Laforte. The group departs after this but soon returns to aid Rowen in rescuing Cline in Bermia Gorge.

The day after these events, Driselle and Elize drag Milla to the market place to shop before their departure. Driselle is the one who suggests that Milla have her bead turned into a necklace. Not long after this, however, they are captured by Rashugal soldiers and are taken to Fort Gandala. There, Driselle and Milla's friendship is slightly strained upon seeing how Milla is willing to sacrifice them for the sake of keeping the Calamity Key's location a secret. Soon enough, they are rescued by Alvin, Rowen, and Jude, but Milla's legs are damaged in an explosion; as a result, she spends the next few days recovering in the Sharil Manor. In between these days, Driselle is informed of Cline's death. Though devastated, she becomes the new lord and governor of Sharilton and refrains from mourning publicly in an effort to instill strength in her people.

Driselle performs admirably in her new role, taking her duties seriously. When a monster shoots Jude and Milla's group down while they are riding wyverns in an attempt to reach Fennmont, she herself leads the soldiers who respond to the incident, revealing in the process that she was preparing for an invasion by Auj Oule. She offers them a place to rest, especially when Alvin collapses, as well as a veterinarian to look after the wyverns. Driselle is strong even while Fort Gandala remains closed, impeding trade, while the citizens complain and compare her unfavorably to Cline. Her citizens know she is trying her best though, and when the group manages to get Fort Gandala to open their doors, she is relieved not only for her citizens but also for the group, who returned unharmed.

Tales of Xillia 2

A year later, Driselle remains the governor of Sharilton. She is immensely busy with her duties, but she still remains close to both Elize and Rowen. At one point, she invites everyone to bury a time capsule with her, filled with their precious items. In the fractured dimension F41DB, Driselle rarely receives visitors due to her intense grief. Before she went into seclusion, however, she sent out a missive, asking people to recover Teepo from Lake Epsilla and return the doll to her. The group has the option of digging up the fractured time capsule, which turns out to contain items almost identical to the ones they placed in the prime dimension, while Rowen refuses to see her due to the complications that would arise.

In the Bonus Episode, Driselle is faced with a disaster where rogue golems are rampaging toward Sharilton. She immediately orders the roads shut for the safety of the merchants while offering compensation for monetary damages. She is tasked with coming up with an evacuation plan as well, but she believes that it would not be necessary with Ludger Will Kresnik and his group, a faith that proves to be well-placed.