Droite (ToCE).png
Game Tales of Vesperia
Hometown Capua Torim
Residences Manor of the Wicked
Race Human
Occupation Member of Leviathan's Claw
Weapon Gun-sword
Japanese Voice Actor Miki Nagasawa
Character Designer Minoru Iwamoto

Droite (ドロワット Dorowatto?) is a minor antagonist in Tales of Vesperia, commonly seen along with her sister Gauche. Droite and Gauche are loyal members of the Leviathan's Claw guild, as well as the adopted daughters of Yeager, leader of the guild. Droite is cheerful, silly, and childish, a sharp contrast to her serious-minded, duty-oriented twin.


During the Great War ten years prior to the events of the story, Gauche and Droite's parents were killed, and the pair ended up in an orphanage in Capua Torim. Yeager, a veteran of the war, took pity on them and not only adopted them, but also transferred funds regularly to the orphanage. Droite and Gauche became loyal to Yeager for his actions, seeing his philanthropic actions as worth repaying with their own lives. The two are usually seen accompanying Yeager to aid him in escaping from difficult or unprecedented situations.

When they party confronts Yeager in Zaude, the two remain idle to observe the fight, most likely by Yeager's orders. After Yeager's defeat and subsequent death, the duo quickly flees the scene. The party later fights both Gauche and Droite together in battle, and after their defeat, they provide the party with their guild's "Letter of Challenge", one of the certificates required to unlock the higher ranks of the Nordopolica coliseum.



  • Droite translates to "right" in French.

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