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Dual the Sol as it appears in Tales of Graces ƒ.

Dual the Sol (デュアル・ザ・サン Dyuaru Za San?, "Dual the Sun") is the first of several mystic arte extensions that appears in Tales of Eternia, Tales of Rebirth, and Tales of Graces ƒ.

Arte Description and History

In its initial appearance in Tales of Eternia, this arte summons a massive vortex of flame that spins around the enemy before the camera zooms out to reveal two massive balls of fire that represent suns, large enough to completely engulf both sides of the visible battlefield. The solar flare from both suns fan into the center to deal additional damage.

In this game, Dual the Sol is activated as the first of several extensions after summoning the Greater Craymel Maxwell. This function is available only if the player has unlocked the "Hardcore" difficulty rank, which is opened during a first playthrough after the player enters the room before the final boss battle within the final dungeon. This first extension is activated by holding the "Left" and "Square" (PlayStation Square Button.png) buttons while controlling either Meredy or Keele Zeibel, whoever performs the Maxwell summon. Dual the Sol can be extended further into Eternity Swarm and other later spells.

In Tales of Rebirth, this arte appears as the Fusionic Force Finality that is shared by Eugene Gallardo and Hilda Rhambling. Upon activation, Eugene breaks apart the earth below himself and the enemy as Hilda sends several streaks of light through the target, lifting it into the air. Eugene and Hilda stand at opposite sides of the battlefield to summon two familiar balls of fire behind them, creating a burst of solar flare that reaches into the middle of the battlefield, searing the enemy with intense heat.

Similar to its appearance in Tales of Eternia, this attack can be appended with a chain of several extensions, starting with Aquarius Sphere. However, while Dual the Sun can be activated with either Eugene or Hilda, its extensions are available only if Hilda activates the Finality. Furthermore, Mao must also be in the party, and in the original PlayStation 2 version of the game, his character must be set to either "Manual" or "Semi-Auto" mode, with a controller attached to the system to control him directly.

The controllers that are set to control Hilda and Mao are used to input specific button combinations, alternating between the controllers with each extension. The ported PlayStation Portable version merely requires Mao to be in the party, as all button presses can be performed by the player who controls Hilda. If any of these conditions are not met, Dual the Sun will merely end after the last hit, defeating the remaining enemy in battle.


Original Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Rebirth

Japanese Quote:

Eugene: 我らが呼びかけに応えよう。
Hilda: 開け、時空の扉。
Eugene: 塵も残さん。
Hilda: 虚空に消え去れ!
Both: デュアル・ザ・サン![1]

Romanized Quote:

Eugene: Warera ga yobikake ni kotaeyou.
Hilda: Hirake, jikuu no tobira.
Eugene: Chiri mo nokosan.
Hilda: Kokuu ni kiesare!
Both: Dyuaru Za San!

Translated Quote:

Eugene: "We shall answer the call."
Hilda: "Open, O gate of space and time."
Eugene: "Even dust won't remain."
Hilda: "Disappear into nothingness!"
Both: "Dual the Sun!"

Tales of Graces ƒ

User: Fodra Queen
Japanese Quote: 虚空に散りゆき、虚無へ消え去れ!デュアル・ザ・サン!
Romanized Quote: Kokuu ni chiriyuki, kyomu he kiesare! Dyuaru Za San!
Translated Quote: "Scatter to nothingness, disappear to nihility! Dual the Sun!"
Localized Quote: "Disperse into the abyss and nihility! Dual the Sol!"