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Dylan Paradine
Appearance Tales of Graces
Residences Strahta
Race Human
Occupation President of Strahta
Japanese Voice Actor Unshou Ishizuka
English Voice Actor D.C. Douglas[1]

Dylan Paradine (ダヴィド・パラディ?, "David Paradis") is a supporting character in Tales of Graces.


When Duplemar is not producing enough cryas, Paradine sends a research team to investigate it in the middle of Amarcian ruins. Since the scientist have little insight about the Amarcians, Paradine has Hubert Oswell station a group of soldiers in Hubert's hometown Lhant as a trading spot. However, due to the little progress that he has made, Paradine sends an order recalling Hubert back to Strahta to explain himself.

Paradine is first seen as a Dignified Man in Sable Izolle when he runs into the party. During this time, the once intelligent and passive Rockagong has suddenly gone berserk, rampaging the highroad between Sable Izolle and Yu Liberte. To keep citizens away from the danger, the military closes all traffic from the highroad and stations soldiers there in case the Rockagong injures civilians, the latter action angering a lot of people who revere the beast out of fear that the military is going to kill it. This results in the will of the people being divided between saving the Rockagong and dispatching it so people can use the road again.

Paradine is next seen walking up to the party, who have just saved the Rockagong from the parasites that were driving it mad. He thanks the group for taking action before he would be forced to put it down. When he asks why the party is headed for the capital, a boy explains that they need to talk with someone at the capital to help his brother, Hubert. Paradine silently figures out that the boy is actually Hubert Oswell's blood brother, Asbel Lhant, who wants to discuss the recall order involving Hubert's ignoring the will of Strahta, according to Hubert's adoptive father, Garrett Oswell. Paradine wishes the team good luck before leaving.

Paradine eventually manages to head to Yu Liberte before the party, where he meets Asbel in person and officially introduces himself before Oswell steps in. Discussing the recall order, Asbel counter-argues Paradine's reports of Hubert. Knowing that Oswell was conspiring behind his back, Paradine strips Oswell of his authority for high treason and abuse of power. Knowing how the lack of cryas would eventually force the president to recall Hubert anyway, Asbel asks if he can figure out the problem. Paradine accepts the offer, and is surprised the next time Asbel arrives with a solution made by his friend, who is especially gifted in the valkines cryas. Willing to give him a shot, Paradine gives Asbel an ID card so he can enter without a fuss.

During this time, Hubert arrives to report that Windor's forces have pulled out of Lhant and stationed in the capital, Barona. King Richard has absorbed all the eleth from his own valkines cryas before vanishing. Asbel and his friends arrive to tell the president that as soon as they fixed the problem, Richard arrived and drained Duplemar as well. Knowing how the situation has really grown into a serious world-wide threat, Paradine issues that the nations need to work together to stop Richard and has the party and Hubert head to Fendel, where Richard is likely to head next.