Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Berseria
Hometown Beardsley
Race •Human (former)
Daemon (current)
Occupation Sailor
Weapon Sword and Shield
Japanese Voice Actor Takashi Nagasako
English Voice Actor Chris Cason[1]

Dyle (ダイル Dairu?) is a supporting character in Tales of Berseria. He is a former sailor who turned into a lizard daemon after his guild framed him for smuggling, which he was apart of but not solely responsible.


After his guild's betrayal, Dyle transforms into a lizard daemon and leaves Hellawes to return to his nearby hometown of Beardsley. In an attempt to have their ship fixed by the guild, Velvet Crowe and Rokurou Rangetsu seek Dyle out in a cave north of the village in order to kill him. This changes, however, after a fight and explanation of the events by Dyle. Velvet opts instead to lop off Dyle's tail to convince the guild of his death and have him assist them in stealing a ship the following day so that he may have his own revenge against the guild.

Playing out in accordance, Dyle sets a nearby storage unit of flamestone in Hellawes ablaze, creating a diversion that allows for Velvet and Rokurou, now accompanied by Magilou and Laphicet, to escape. The event results in the praetor-rank exorcist Teresa Linares, who governs the city of Hellawes, being demoted and reprimanded for her failure in preventing the disaster, while Dyle eventually decides to join Van Aifread's pirate crew aboard the Van Eltia. At the end of the story, Dyle resumes his human form and marries Medissa, adopting Kamoana as their daughter.