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Dymlos Timber
Dymlos Timber
Appearance Tales of Destiny
Tales of Destiny 2
Race Er'ther
Occupation Division Comander, 1st Er'ther Army
Weapon Swordian Dymlos
Japanese Voice Actor Ryoutarou Okiayu
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Lieutenant General Dymlos Timber (ディムロス・ティンバー Dimurosu Tinbaa?, "Dimlos Timber") was the Division Commander of the 1st Er'ther Army unit during the Aeth'er Wars, which occurred long before the events of Tales of Destiny. His soul was imbued into the Swordian which bears his name, Swordian Dymlos, eventually wielded by Stahn Aileron.


During his life in the past, Dymlos was in love with Atwight Eks, who would later become the Swordian of Stahn's companion and eventual wife, Rutee Katrea. His affections for Atwight put him into conflict with Barbatos Goetia, a brutal warrior whose role and allegiance in the war against the Aetherian people had become forgotten by the present time due to being actively written out of history for his atrocities. Through the efforts of Harold Berselius, the Swordian technology was implemented by imbuing the souls of Dymlos and five of his fellow military officers into the Lens core at the hilt of each Swordian, linking the two together through compatible synergy. Dymlos came to wield the Swordian Dymlos, granting himself with the ability to focus magical energy into flames and enhancing his physical prowess. With this new power, Dymlos defeated and killed Barbatos during this era, and then he later went on to lead his unit and aid the Er'ther faction to end the war.

By the present time of Tales of Destiny, Dymlos continues to live on through the Swordian, while his physical body had long passed away. Swordian Dymlos was believed to be lost to the ages by other Swordians, some of whom had fallen into the possession of various wealthy families as a precious heirloom. Dymlos is eventually discovered by an expedition by the Oberon Corporation shortly before the events of the story, and the game begins with the Swordian in the process of being transported from the region of Fitzgald to the kingdom of Seinegald as requisitioned by Hugo Gilchrist. However, the flying dragon transport vessel that is being used to transport the Swordian, the Draconis, falls under attack by a swarm of monsters under the command of Lydon Bernhardt, who intends to retrieve the weapon for himself and prevent it from falling into Hugo's hands.

Swordian Dymlos (ToD PSX)

Dymlos as he appears during the opening theme of Tales of Destiny (PSX).

A stowaway on board the Draconis during the takeover, Stahn manages to escape deeper into the vessel when he stumbles upon Swordian Dymlos. Seeing the Swordian as a weapon he could use to defend himself, he frees Dymlos from his chains and promptly uses him to fight the enemy monsters, clearing a path for himself to the escape pods. Soon, Dymlos and Stahn became acquainted with each other, with Dymlos initially leading Stahn to believe that he had been "chosen" since only he could hear his voice. While it is true that others cannot hear Dymlos aside from other Swordian Masters, Dymlos had chosen Stahn solely to escape from the disaster that had unfolded on the Draconis. Still, he allows Stahn to use him as he wishes, eventually leading to all of the remaining Swordians being reunited.

After the Aethersphere is resurrected and Kronos is given a renewed physical body through the power of the Eye of Atamoni, the Swordians realize that their strength is not enough to defeat the ancient Aeth'er leader. They inform the party that they must venture into the same facility in which the Swordian technology was created in ancient times. After discovering the Swordian Research and Development Laboratory, the Swordian Masters enter the same chambers in which the original Masters had placed themselves in for the experiment that imbued their souls into the Swordians.

They are put into a mental trance, and Stahn walks through the foggy darkness while talking to Dymlos's spirit, eventually encountering Dymlos in physical form. He informs Stahn that the only way to unlock his Swordian self's true potential is to defeat him in a duel, and they engage in a battle to determine if Stahn's abilities with his Swordian can beat that of the original Dymlos. After he proves himself successfully, the physical body of Dymlos fades away, and Stahn awakens to a newfound strength, no longer relying Dymlos to fight battles for him as he is now fully capable of fighting on his own terms. The other Swordian Masters go through similar experiences, unlocking their own full potentials to ready themselves for their final battle.

Stahn and Dymlos combat Kronos alongside the other Swordian Masters and their companions, eventually defeating the ancient Aeth'er leader once more. However, the instability of the Eye reaches critical levels, threatening the destruction of the facility and trapping the Swordian Masters within. In an act of sacrifice, the remaining four Swordians tell their Masters to pierce them into the Eye, allowing them to contain the excess energy and delay the inevitable blast until they escape. They bid farewell to their masters, and upon their departure, the entire facility of Dycroft is engulfed in a massive explosion, finally destroying the Swordians in the process, along with the whole Aethersphere.

Appearance and Personality[]

Dymlos (ToD PS2)

Artwork for Tales of Destiny (PS2).

Dymlos has green eyes and long blue hair. His attire consists of a white shirt with a large blue "V", blue forearm guards, a black belt, a white kilt, white pants, and white boots.

His Swordian is a sword with the picture of a flame in the middle of the double-edged blade, representing Dymlos's element of fire. The cross guard is mostly red, with the tips of the quillons gold-colored and curved downward. The grip is green and swirl-patterned, and the pommel has a single spike.

Dymlos is driven primarily by a desire to do what's right. He is also a prideful and stubborn individual, often refusing aid from others because of his solitary attitude. However, he values his comrades as dear friends, and he cherishes his love for Atwight greatly, showing great rage whenever any harm comes to her. However, he recognizes his duty as a ranking officer of the Er'ther Army, seeing it as his primary role which surpasses all personal feelings. Centuries later, as a Swordian, Dymlos is often sarcastic and unamused by the antics which Stahn finds himself in, but he recognizes the inner strength which define Stahn's beliefs, seeing him as a worthy individual who deserves his power. He typically serves as an elder voice of reason, chiding his impulsive wielder. But when his anger is roused, he can show a reckless side that exceeds even Stahn's.

Fighting Style[]

Dimlos (ToD PS2)

Dymlos is a formidable warrior who has access to Fire-elemental magic, in addition to several physical attacks imbued with flaming properties. In the illusory fight in the PS2 remake, Dymlos stances with his right side facing the opponent. The pommel of the sword facing forward, and his left fist slightly above the blade, which is constantly aflame. He fights in a style similar to Stahn, sharing several of the same artes, but he has his own share of unique attacks and extensions. However, unlike Stahn, Dymlos does not have access to any attacks of alternative elemental properties.

His Toryuusen can be extended into an unnamed attack in which he jumps high into the air immediately after using Toryuusen to launch his enemy into the air, following with a quick combo of slashes that knock down the enemy before dropping back to the ground. Similarly, his Maou Engekiha can be chained into itself upon staggering his enemy, allowing him to send another wave of flame to keep the enemy caught defenseless. In addition to these extensions, he can generate a large burst of flame through Burst Sword (バーストソード?), and he can launch a flame projectile using Majin'en, a direct homage to the classic arte, Majinken.

Dymlos Cut-in (TotR)

Cut-in image for Tales of the Rays.

Dymlos can activate a Damage Break when his Break Gauge reaches 100% due to enemy combos, allowing him to break out of the combo and become temporarily invulnerable, further enabling him to counter immediately with his own attack. Like other significant boss enemies, Dymlos has a special Damage Break attack which is always used whenever he activates this period of invulnerability. His Damage Break attack is Hadoumeppuu, a slow-charging but powerful attack in which he slams the ground, creating a sudden surge of purple flame spikes along the ground in a line front of him, with an exceptionally far range and height. After he loses a percentage of his HP during battle, he can use Hadoumeppuu outside of Damage Break like any other arte in his repertoire.

In Tales of the Rays, Dymlos's arteset is heavily altered to differentiate himself from Stahn. His stance is also altered to mirror that of Gaius; with both his left side and the blade of his sword facing the target.

Other Appearances[]

Dymlos Portrait (ToF1)

Portrait artwork for Tales of Fandom Vol.1.

Tales of Phantasia[]

Swordian Dymlos is represented as a cameo item in the PlayStation and PlayStation-derived releases of Tales of Phantasia. Named in the game as the S&D, the Swordian is represented as an equippable sword that is given to Cress Albane by Lilith Aileron after he defeats her in the Euclid arena. The acquisition of this weapon enables Cress to learn Final Fury, one of the strongest attacks that can be learned by Stahn.

Tales of Eternia[]

The S.D. item appears in Tales of Eternia in a similar context, providing Meredy with the Destiny summon. This particular attack opens with Stahn wielding Dymlos as they perform Shikou Bakuenjin, though it is unnamed and unvoiced in the localized release. The S.D. item is obtained at Hideout 1 by defeating Valkyrie with only Reid Hershel.

Tales of the Abyss[]

Dymlos makes an appearance in Tales of the Abyss as an actual sword that can be obtained through trading materials found at search points at Din's Shop.

Tales of Innocence[]

Dymlos Timber (ToK)

Artwork for Tales of Kizna.

In Tales of Innocence, the SD appears as a powerful broadsword for Ruca Milda, with the highest physical attack stat and Fire-elemental properties. It is found within the Forbidden Guild District at Floor 70 and beyond, or within standard guild districts during Rank 10 guild quests.

Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 2[]

Julio Sven can dress up as the Swordian Dymlos in Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 2, enabling him to take on his appearance and attacks during battle. This costume is synthesized from the male Trickster costume, requiring the Core Crystal root item, emphasizing the importance of his lens core in Tales of Destiny.