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Dynasty Ruins
Game Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
World Aselia

The Dynasty Ruins is an area in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. This historical landmark is one of the temples that were constructed during the era of the Sylvarant Dynasty, approximately 400 years before the events of the story. The ruins are located within the Kamisra Mountains near Palmacosta.


Emil Castagnier and Marta Lualdi venture to the Dynasty Ruins in search of a man called Thomas to see if he has discovered why the storms in the area are happening. Within the ruins, the ground finds Thomas nearly unconscious. While Thomas is grateful for the assistance, he finds himself highly confused when Emil introduces himself. He is unable to recognize Emil as his neighbor, despite having living next door to him in Palmacosta in the past. He suggests that a remora he found in the ocean might be the cause of the storms before he passes out. Tenebrae realizes that it is strange for remora to dwell in the ocean. Although they can tolerate saltwater, their natural habitat is in freshwater near the Dynasty Ruins.

Shortly afterward, Alice arrives and battles with Emil and Marta. After they defeat Alice, her control over one of her monsters breaks, and it turns to attack her. However, she is saved in time by Zelos Wilder. After revealing that he was friends with Lloyd Irving, Emil demands to know how can he be friends with a murderer like him. Zelos takes Thomas away with him and says he refuses to talk to anyone who would insult his friends. Emil and Marta proceed to the end of the ruins to discover the reason behind the storms in the ocean.

After reaching the bottom of the ruins, they discover an underground lake. Tenebrae realizes that the storm in the ocean is occurring because water monsters are battling for territory, all because of the weather abnormalities that were caused by the Centurion Aqua, who is neglecting her duties. He also says that the lake in the ruins might be connected to the ocean. Upon reaching the lake, they encounter a large "Manitou". Tenebrae states that this monster is the most territorial of the aquatic monsters, and it must be the primary cause for the storms in the ocean. After defeating the creature, it swallows the group and carries them across the ocean, expelling them onto the beach near Iselia.