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Ed Curtis
Ed Curtis (ToL).png
Appearance Tales of Legendia
Residences Werites Beacon
Age 30
Height 185 cm
Race Orerines
Occupation Chief Commander of the Elite Guard
Japanese Voice Actor Toru Inada
English Voice Actor Grant George[1]
Character Designer Mikiko Ichinose

Ed Curtis (エド・カーチス Edo Kaachisu?) is a supporting character in Tales of Legendia. He and his partner, Isabella Robbins, are a duo known as the Bantam Bouncers (フェロモン・ボンバーズ Feromon Bonbaazu?, "Pheromone Bombers").


Ed and Isabella make their first appearance in Werites Beacon, where the law-enforcement duo clashes with Senel Coolidge over his provocation to fight for Gald, which is actually Jay's doing. Although somewhat comical, the two later reveal their true nature as members of the Elite Guard, Ed being the Chief Commander. He directs the operation that takes place on the Front Line, he and Isabella working in tandem with the group to overcome Vaclav Bolud's forces. Ed and Isabella reveal that the Holy Sovereign of Rexalia has been onboard the Legacy for years now, and being that the Elite Guard's duty is to protect this person of importance, they live and operate on the Legacy using their "Bantam Bouncers" masquerade as a disguise.