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Edward D. Morrison
Edward (tvtropes)
Appearance Tales of Phantasia
Race Half-elf
Weapon Book
Japanese Voice Actor •Kazuhiko Inoue
(SFC, TotR)
•Unshou Ishizuka
Character Designer Shibusawa Kobo

Edward D. Morrison (エドワード・D・モリスン Edowaado D. Morisun?) is a minor character in Tales of Phantasia, but he is also one of its iconic characters. He is a famous researcher of magic who lives with his wife, Schiff, in a house to the southwest of Alvanista. He chants the first spell chant of the series in a scene that would be referenced many times throughout the Tales series, when he casts Indignation against Dhaos in the opening scene.


Edward Sprite (ToP PSX)

Sprite for Tales of Phantasia (PSX).

In the original timeline, Edward, along with Alan Albane, Carol Adenade, and Winona Pickford, storm Dhaos's castle during his war with Midgards. During the battle, Edward casts Indignation and defeats Dhaos, who then flees through time to recuperate. Planning for his eventual return, Edward charges his descendants with the task to seal Dhaos in the Catacombs once he appears, which his descendant, Trinicus D. Morrison, completes. Before this event, however, Cress Albane and Mint Adenade are sent to the past by Trinicus when Dhaos manages to get unsealed, and they travel with Claus F. Lester and Arche Klein to defeat Dhaos. They do so by contracting Spirits, but the pact rings necessary are broken. Alvanista's Court Magic User, Lundgrom, writes them a letter of introduction for Edward, who has done research on the rings in the past. They go to his home, only to be told by his wife that he went to Freyland to search for people who could defeat Dhaos.

Edward is revealed to have gone through several oases before ending up in Olive Village while searching for "Basilisk Scales" for a special remedy. The party finds enough, so he meets them, and they ask for help repairing the pact rings. Edward directs them to the Elf Colony in Ymir Forest for help. With that advice, he invites them to join the war effort in Migards and leaves, but Cress stops him and reveals that they are from the future using time travel work developed by himself in the future. Edward tells them that he does not want to hear anymore and that the information is already enough. He had planned to give up on time travel, but the notion of success has given him a new drive. He resolves to find a way to get them to the future, joking that he is unable to be outdone by his descendant. Cress tells him to wait for them in Midgards.

Edward Sprite (ToP GBA)

Sprite for Tales of Phantasia (GBA).

After forming a pact with Luna, the party ends up in Midgards, and Edward introduces and vouches for them to the King of Midgards. The King invites them to the war while Edward goes off researching. Unfortunately, when the party returns from a side trip back from Lone Valley, Dhaos's minion, Justona, is holding a child hostage at the castle. Edward manages to teleport to Justona's back and free the child, but he is stabbed for his troubles. Edward uses the last of his strength to cause both of them to vanish in a flash. This action causes history to change, as Edward is no longer around to defeat Dhaos, so the party must take his place.


  • Edward's self-sacrificial act is foreshadowed in the Alvanista Castle's library, which mentions a forbidden spell that converts the caster's power into heat energy which then explodes while containing the user within a barrier.
  • In Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon, Edward's abilities are one of the bases for Dio's "Morrison" costume, using both Lightning-elemental and self-sacrificial artes.