Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Zestiria
Residences Tintagel Ruins
Race Human
Occupation Merchant Assassin
Weapon Daggers
Japanese Voice Actor Yasunori Masutani
English Voice Actor Seth Magill (ToZtX)

Eguille (エギーユ Egiiyu?) is a supporting character in Tales of Zestiria. He is a leading member of the Sparrowfeathers, as well as of the Scattered Bones. As such, he is part of Rose's family.



Eguille was once a member of an infamous mercenary band known as the Windriders. Five years prior to the events of the game, the team took up an offer to join with the Rolance Empire. Soon after, they were betrayed by Imperial Prince Konan, who had the leader of the Windriders, Brad, framed and executed for treason. Eguille was arrested, but managed to escape. Afterward, Rose founded the Sparrowfeathers merchant guild, as well as the assassin guild known as the Scattered Bones, and Eguille became a high member of both, publicly serving as the leader of the Sparrowfeathers. He also acts as Rose's substitute.

Role in the Plot

Eguille appears alongside Rose, Ayn Talfryn, Ayn Felice, and Rosh in front of Ladylake, where their carriage was attacked by wolves and destroyed. Because of this, they are forced to block the way into the city until they repair the damages. Shortly after, he appears with the other members of the Scattered Bones as they stop Lunarre from attacking Sorey, and they also help him and Alisha Diphda escape from the Rountable Palace.

When Sorey is heading to Rayfalke Spiritcrest, he is attacked by Eguille, concealed by his Scattered Bones uniform. Eguille doubts the Shepherd's identity and battles him, but suffers a loss. Rose, possessed by Dezel, arrives and takes Eguille to safety.

Later in the story, the Scattered Bones are betrayed by Lunarre, who offers that Rolance frame them for the murder of Cardinal Forton as a pretense for war against Hyland. As a result, Eguille, along with Ayn Felice, Ayn Talfryn, and Rosh, are attacked by Rolance soldiers. Eguille manages to shield Talfryn, giving the boy a chance to find Rose while the others are taken into custody. With the help of her companions, Rose is able to rescue her family prior to execution.

Appearance and Personality

Eguille is a tall man with short, slightly messy, gray hair, a beard visible at his chin and cheeks, and light blue eyes. He mostly wears his captain uniform from the Sparrowfeathers, which consists of a brown, bolero-length, leather vest over a black shirt, a long sleeved white shirt as the bottom most layer, a red tie, and dark black pants. His knee high boots are a light shade of black, with the heels and tips of the toes coated in a metallic silver.

Like the other members of the Scattered Bones, he thinks of the guild as his family. Eguille is responsible for anything related to business and, according to Rose, serves as the eyes, ears, and brain of the Scattered Bones. He also takes care of the safety of his family, as he searches for a new hideout after the old one becomes too dangerous for them. Eguille is shown to have complete trust in Rose, telling her that her judgments are the team's, and doesn't question her choices. For Rose, Eguille is a teacher who taught her everything about martial arts.



  • Due to his inability to perceive seraphim, Eguille does not target Sorey's companions during battle.
  • In Tales of Zestiria the X, Eguille wields a sword as opposed to knives.