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An Elara (エラーラ Eraara?) is a unique piece of technology used by Celestians in Tales of Eternia.


Elara are gems applied to the foreheads of Celestian people, providing them with a means of telepathic communication, as well as a light source. They are typically round, though some are shown to be elongated. They seem to grow in size as the user ages, with characters like Shizel and Max having very large and prominent Elara, while Meredy and Chat have smaller Elara. Their color changes depending on their current state, whether they are in use or not, assuming a yellow tone in the inactive state; they can also turn blue and white, or colorless, under unknown circumstances. With their communication function, Celestians use the devices as telephone-like extensions of their body, capable of communicating telepathically with each other over long distances.