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Eldrant (TotA).jpg
Game Tales of the Abyss
World Auldrant
Based on the ruined city of Hod, this replica was created by Van using the power of Yulia. Floats in the sky.

Eldrant, the Glorious Land (栄光の大地エルドラント?) is a massive replica of Hod created by Van Grants in Tales of the Abyss. Eldrant translates to "glorious land" in Ancient Ispanian.


Eldrant is an extremely large infrastructure that, upon its ascent from the ocean, roams the skies as it is gradually formed by Van, who intends to imitate this method is replicating the rest of the world, having already done so with the Isle of Feres, Hod's sister city. Being identical to Hod in virtually every way, it boasts large buildings and elaborate walkways throughout the massive former city-state.


According to legend, Eldrant is the name of a mythical land of endless prosperity and paradise told throughout the ages throughout Aulderant.

Its physical basis, Hod, was a city-state belonging to the Malkuth Empire that was destroyed during the Hod War, in which Van, being the test subject of an experiment, was forced to use his hyperresonance, destroying the Sephiroth Tree that supported Hod and causing it to collapse into the Qliphoth below, thereafter spurring a tidal wave that destroyed the neighboring Isle of Feres. Van succeeds in replicating Hod during the events of the story, with Eldrant becoming a floating fortress that serves as the final dungeon of the game. Yielding a highly advanced defense system, the group manages to bypass and crash-land Eldrant using the Albiore.

Immediately venturing inside, they are stopped by the God-General Legretta, who dies after a last battle. Luke fon Fabre is then separated from the rest of the group shortly thereafter, and he is forced to fight against the God-General Asch, winning and escaping while Asch chooses to remain behind, engaging replicated Oracle Knights as a last stand to die gloriously in battle. Deeper within, Guy Cecil recognizes the former Hod through Eldrant's near-completion, and the group is again stopped, this time by the God-General Sync, who also dies after a last battle. At the top of Eldrant, the group finds Van waiting for them, and an unavoidable fight ensues, which the group seems to win. Although Van joins with Lorelei to continue the battle, Tear Grants uses the power of the Fonic Hymns to subdue Van once and for all, killing him. Eldrant then collapses, while Luke remains behind and the rest of the group leaves.