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Eleanor Hume
Appearance Tales of Berseria
Age 18
Height 165 cm
Race Human
Occupation Praetor Exorcist
Weapon Spear
Japanese Voice Actor Ami Koshimizu
English Voice Actor Erica Mendez[1]
Character Designer Kousuke Fujishima

Eleanor Hume (エレノア・ヒューム Erenoa Huumu?) is the tritagonist in Tales of Berseria. She lost people precious to her during the Scarlet Night, so she joined the Abbey as an exorcist. During her extermination of daemons, she encounters Velvet Crowe on several occasions. When she discovers the Abbey harbor nefarious motives in their pursuit of an ideal world Eleanor aligns with Velvet to learn the truth of the Abbey's plot.


Early Life

Eleanor was born to unknown parents eighteen years before the main story. When she was eight-years-old, her home village was attacked by daemons. One particular daemon attacked her and gave her a large scar across her chest. Rendered immobile, Eleanor could not move, forcing her mother to lure the daemon away. Before she was killed, she handed Eleanor a hand mirror, and told her to survive. Having been left an orphan, she was then raised in the Midgand Church. Following her tragic loss, she swore to rid the world from daemons.

Becoming an Exorcist

Seven years later, after the Advent, Artorius Collbrande founded the Abbey. Seeing him as a savior, Eleanor became an exorcist trainee under him and greatly admired him. Eventually, Eleanor proved herself very capable fighter, having trained herself with fighting spears even before joining the Abbey. She quickly became an exorcist praetor and frantically wanted to become a patrolling inspector, a position that had already been offered to Oscar Dragonia. Eventually, she attained the position, and Oscar was instead assigned to prison island, Titania. Eleanor acted as an inspector in Northgand. She acquired number of malakhim to use as tools, never thinking them as anything else. At some point, she formed a pact with a normin malak, Bienfu. Over the next three years, while Eleanor still worked as a loyal exorcist in the Abbey, she grew worried, as the Abbey seemed more and more focused on other matters rather than exterminating daemons and protecting the people.

First Encounter with Velvet

While on patrol in Beardsley, she took out a number of daemons and cried because the Abbey had not made enough effort to protect the towns. She encountered Velvet and Rokurou Rangetsu, who witness her crying, which she denies. Unaware that the two are daemons, she asks what business they have, and Velvet says that Dyle, a daemon they are after, lives in Beardsley. Eleanor says she has been looking into the matter, but had not found anything. She then leaves, and Velvet is left surprised an exorcist would cry like she did.

The next day, Eleanor hears an explosion coming from Hellawes and races to aid exorcist Teresa Linares against Velvet. Eleanor is shocked that Velvet is a daemon herself. Velvet calls her a crybaby exorcist, and Eleanor adamantly states she was not crying. Having been cornered by two praetors, Velvet grabs Teresa's malak "Number Two", and after threatening him, he blasts the two, allowing Velvet, Rokurou, Magilou, and Dyle to escape. Eleanor swears to hunt Velvet down and intends to travel to Loegres to inform Artorius.

Second Encounter with Velvet

Eleanor's travel to Loegres is delayed by a storm. By the time she arrives in Port Zekson, she runs into Velvet and her companions again after they burned a warehouse. Wanting payback, she attacks Velvet but is defeated, and some of her malakhim are taken out. As a last resort, she calls to Bienfu, but thanks to Magilou, he retreats inside to her. Velvet subdues Eleanor and they escape. Eleanor urges the townspeople to put out the fire and asks what was stored inside the warehouse. The townspeople say it was mostly Nectar.

As Eleanor learns about more things going on about Nectar, she determines that High Priest Gideon is illegally profiting from it. Believing that Velvet will show up to deal with him, she sets a trap inside the Abbey villa in Loegres, and just like she predicted, Velvet and her companions arrive in an attempt to assassinate Gideon. A fight ensues, and while Eleanor and the exorcists with her manage to corner the assassins, Eizen urges Velvet to crush Eleanor's head. Bienfu goes in between, but Velvet punches him away, allowing Magilou to reclaim him. Thanks to Magilou's restored magic, the exorcists are defeated. Having lost all her malakhim, Eleanor is helpless against Velvet but stands her ground. Instead of killing her, Velvet punches her into stomach and proceeds to kill Gideon, who transforms into a daemon and escapes to the catacombs. Velvet and her companions run after him while Eleanor follows and witnesses a large daemon inside, devouring the high priest, who reverts back into human form but dies shortly afterward. She demands answers from Velvet, but Velvet replies that she does not know, nor does she care. Eleanor is insulted by Velvet's mockery, but she says Eleanor herself is a mockery, as she is powerless against Velvet without her malakhim. Velvet and her companions leave, and Eleanor slumps into tears, wondering who these people are.

Eleanor goes to the Empyrean's Throne to speak with Artorius, who senses Eleanor has no malakhim with her, and she uneasily admits they were eaten by a daemon who uses her left arm to do so. Eleanor is shocked when Artorius knows she is talking about Velvet. Artorius admits Velvet was once his student. Eleanor asks Artorius for a new malakhim and swears she will destroy Velvet. Artorius sees Eleanor is acting with emotion, and thus believes she cannot defeat Velvet, so he refuses to give her any malakhim. As Eleanor is leaving, she asks Artorius about the large daemon inside the villa in Loegres. Artorius is somewhat shocked, as Eleanor had no right to access that area. Eleanor is worried that if knowledge about such a daemon would be revealed, the capital would be thrown into chaos. She demands to know why the Abbey is holding it captive. Artorius asks Eleanor why she thinks birds fly. Baffled about this, Eleanor uneasily answers the birds fly in order to eat and survive, ironically the same answer Velvet gave three years prior. Artorius fails to find Eleanor's answer satisfactory and dismisses her, claiming that knowledge is not for her.

Eleanor later joins Melchior, Oscar, and Teresa in the Throne as they reinforce Artorius, who is fighting Velvet. However, when Laphicet, formerly "Number Two", refuses to obey Teresa, his power collides with Innominat's, and a tear opens in reality, allowing Velvet's companions escape. Eleanor runs after them and is sucked in herself.

Duel against Velvet

Break Soul render in Tales of Berseria.

Eleanor finds herself in an earthpulse and encounters Velvet and Eizen, who are unable to help the wounded Laphicet. In order for Laphicet to recover, he needs a pure vessel to occupy. As Velvet and Eizen cannot be his vessel, Eleanor offers herself. Velvet is unwilling to trust her, as she has seen that exorcists only treat malakhim as tools. She is willing to cut off Eleanor's limbs so that she will not try anything, but Eleanor stands firm, willing to kill herself if needed. Eleanor gives Velvet a chance to save Laphicet: she will offer herself as his vessel, but challenges Velvet to a duel; if Velvet wins, Eleanor will do everything she asks from her, but if Eleanor wins, she will kill Velvet. Seeing no other choice, Velvet reluctantly agrees. Eleanor asks for Laphicet's name, as she needs to know to make the pact. Velvet warns her that he is not something to be owned, then tells her his name is Laphicet. Eleanor forms a pact with the malak, and she is stunned by the power he possesses. Everyone is then engulfed in a bright light, and they disappear from the earthpulse.

Eleanor ends up outside old ruins, and Velvet finds her. She assures Velvet that Laphicet sleeps inside her and is feeling better. However, there is the matter of the duel the two girls agreed upon. They then fight one-on-one. Eventually, Velvet seemingly defeats her. Eleanor iterates Artorius's teaching, "Never let your guard down, even if victorious", and charges at Velvet. She stops immediately prior to impaling her, which confuses Velvet. Eleanor states that as long as she is Laphicet's vessel, Velvet cannot kill her, and since this is a duel, she goes by the rules. Velvet is impressed, but seeing that she wavered, disarms her and smites her to the ground, also iterating Artorius's teachings: "Once your sword is drawn, never waver. Control your emotions to control the tide of battle". Shocked about hearing this, Eleanor realizes she was doomed to lose from the start and breaks down in tears. Although a daemon, Velvet honors their agreement and orders Eleanor to obey her until the day she dies. Eleanor agrees and attempts to kill herself to spare her from the humiliation, but Laphicet awakens and stops Eleanor from controlling her body. She is unable to move and is shocked at how a malak is able to overcome its vessel. She falls unconscious, as her body reacts to the bond with Laphicet. Magilou states that it is not a big deal, as every exorcist has to endure it when they make a pact, iterating that she will gain a high fever for a while but will inevitably recover. With Eleanor unwillingly now part of Velvet's group of misfits, they carry her into the ruins to recover, with Bienfu looking after her.

During the night, Eleanor awakens and is disgusted for having to act under orders from a daemon. She stands up and contemplates whether to kill Velvet, but she already knows that Laphicet is important to Velvet, and vice versa. She realizes she is unable to kill her, stating that all she can do now is stay with Velvet, whether she likes it or not. Suddenly, she witnesses a bright orb of light and runs after it outside the ruins. There, she discovers Melchior's communication arte, and Artorius speaks with her. Eleanor attempts to apologize for her failure, but Artorius gives her a special mission: to bring Laphicet to the Loegres Abbey headquarters. She is allowed to use any means necessary to complete the mission and must not tell anyone about the mission, not even the high-ranking legates. Although uncertain about the mission, as she is to obey a daemon in order to complete it, she nonetheless sees it as an opportunity to redeem herself and accepts the mission. What Eleanor does not see, however, is that Velvet and Eizen see and hear everything.

A Spy Already Caught, but Unaware

The next morning, the group welcomes Eleanor along even though they all already know she is spying on them. Velvet orders her to protect Laphicet. As the group attempts to find out where they are, they run into a brigand. Out of fear, he attacks them, thinking they are with the "Swordbreaker". After he is defeated, Eleanor politely questions him about where they are. He reveals they are in Islegand, and that they can get to Port Cadnix by going through the mines. Further on, they encounter the Swordbreaker, a heavily armored daemon. Rokurou attempts to fight the daemon while Laphicet offers aid, which angers Rokurou. In a rage, he charges at Laphicet, while Eleanor and Velvet barricade themselves in between them, threatening to kill Rokurou if he touches Laphicet. Rokurou calms down and they continue on. Rokurou reveals that the blade the Swordbreaker carried is known as "Stormquell", a blade meant to defeat the greatest sword ever forged, the "Stormhowl".

Inside the mines, the group encounters Swordbreaker again, defeated by the carrier of Stormhowl, legate Shigure Rangetsu, Rokurou's brother. Eleanor attempts to tell him about her mission, but he interrupts her and declares her a rogue, stating the next time he sees her, he will kill her. Eleanor feels conflicted, as what Shigure said is at the same time true and false. A fight ensues between the brothers, and in the middle of it, Laphicet takes control of Eleanor's body in order to help Rokurou without him realizing, albeit to no avail. The Swordbreaker is revealed to be the legendary smith Kurogane, who has sworn to forge a blade that can defeat Stormhowl, having turned into a daemon himself while pursuing that goal. He leads the group into his lair, where he forges new short blades for Rokurou, using his own head as materials. This shocks Eleanor, but she sees it only as an example of how daemons no longer possess the traits they used to have as humans, fully unaware how wrong she truly is.

Bienfu then returns with bad news: a group of exorcists are coming to purge the traitor Eleanor. Velvet states she will not have any problem fighting them, and the group moves to engage them head-on. After the exorcists have been defeated, Velvet orders Eleanor to kill them. Eleanor realizes Velvet is testing her, but she cannot bring herself to kill them. Velvet subdues the exorcists without killing them and gives Eleanor a new order: fight the exorcists without killing them.

The group reach Port Cadnix and engage Shigure, and Eleanor is forced to fight as well. The battle ends in a stalemate, and Shigure leaves. As the Van Eltia arrives, Eleanor goes through everything she has learned about the group, unaware they already know she is a spy. The group set sail to Southgand in order to get help from Magilou's friend Grimoirh, who can translate a book written in an ancient tongue, hoping it will give them answers regarding Innominat.

Corsair's Scourge

During the sail to Southgand, Rokurou finds Eleanor holding a mirror that belonged to her mother. Eleanor reveals it is the only thing left of her, and Rokurou attempts to show he is sorry about it, but Eleanor bitterly tells the daemon to keep his pity, as she still holds her belief that daemons have no human feelings. However, some of the Van Eltia's crew have started showing symptoms of the corsair's scourge, a deadly disease that can only be contracted at sea. Eizen orders a course change to Port Reneed in order to get sale'tomah flowers for the cure.

The very mention of sale'tomah makes Eleanor feel uneasy, as the flower has an awful bitter taste, and there is no way to remove it. However, the town has no stores of sale'tomah because there is a large daemon in Warg Forest, where the flower can be found. The group heads to the forest and discovers some exorcists there, but they do not seem to be daemon hunting. The group defeats them, and by Velvet's orders, Eleanor does not kill them. They continue further and discover a large sale'tomah patch, as well as a peculiar-looking beetle within it. Suddenly, the beetle transforms into a menacing daemon, forcing the group to defeat it. Once it reverts to its original form, Laphicet decides to carry it with him.

On the way back to the Van Eltia, the group encounters the malak Zaveid, who they have encountered before. He is heading toward Lothringen tower in order to find Eizen's captain, Van Aifread. He leaves, and Eizen runs after him, telling the rest of the group to deliver the sale'tomah to the ship. Back at the ship, Eleanor reluctantly takes her sale'tomah, and the bitter memory she had during her exorcist training returns due to the flower's terrible flavor. She reveals that during one of the initiation rituals, the trainees are to eat a sale'tomah flower to purify their bodies and souls, and it tasted just as badly then as it does now.

Showdown at Lothringen

As Velvet intends to help Eizen with Zaveid, the group heads toward Lothringen tower. Melchior is supposedly there, and Eleanor believes she can accomplish her mission through him. The group finds Eizen in an Abbey camp near Lothringen, where exorcists have been beaten but not killed. Zaveid appears, having eavesdropped on the group. He disagrees working with Eizen and vice versa, then proceeds to the tower on his own. Eizen asks Eleanor what the Lothringen tower is, and she reveals it is a training ground for exorcists.

Inside the tower, the group finds Van Aifread, who is revealed to be an illusion created by Melchior. Eleanor never gets her chance to speak with Melchior about her mission, and she becomes distressed over the fact that Melchior turned his own malakhim into wyverns without a second thought. Even though Zaveid manages to catch him, the group kills two out of three wyverns, and Zaveid, due to his creed not to kill anybody, shoots the last wyvern with his weapon. Melchior uses the opportunity to copy the weapon's formula and escapes.

The group meets Zaveid outside the tower, where he reveals the weapon is called "Siegfried", and that Aifread found it on the far continent. He reveals he used to be a malak under the Abbey's control, but when Aifread shot him with Siegfried, he came back to his senses and trusted the weapon under Zaveid's care. Since he is wanted by the Abbey, Eleanor suggests he team up with the group, but he refuses since they are willing to kill to accomplish their goals, something he does not agree with. The group then returns to the Van Eltia and resumes course to Southgand.

Opening One's Eyes

The group arrives at Yseult in Southgand to track down Grimoirh, they spot Oscar and Teresa, and eavesdrop on their conversation. Oscar has been assigned to the Amenoch Temple to oversee something, and Teresa tells him to be careful due to a daemon in Haria village. Eleanor is confused about the conversation, and Velvet suspects Eleanor might have tipped them off. Eleanor denies any responsibility for betraying the group, while Laphicet stands with her. Velvet also agrees she has no proof of the accusation.

On Maclir Beach, the group finds Grimoirh, but she is unwilling to help them until Laphicet sweet talks her to help. They go to Haria village, and Grimoirh and Laphicet begin translating the Innominat book. When the group returns to listen what they have found, it is a counting song about Innominat with pictures. The words do not make much sense at first, but Eleanor believes they can learn a lot about them. As she looks at the picture, she sees Innominat is pictured with eight heads, and by adding that to the words, which mentions therions, she thinks each head represents a therion extracting and then giving malevolence to Innominat. However, she has no idea what malevolence is. Laphicet feels the same feeling he did at Warg Forest, which led them to the beetle they found. Now he feels another coming from the Temple of Amenoch. He suspects a therion may be found in there, and Eleanor is shocked that the beetle too is a therion. All this makes Eleanor realize that she never knew about the means, how the Abbey intended to achieve the goal to exterminate daemons from the world; no one ever told her. She even thinks the daemon she and the group discovered inside the villa in Loegres might have been a therion as well. Velvet suggests they go the Temple the next day and later determines if the daemon in Loegres really was a therion. She believes by removing Innominat's heads, she can weaken him and Artorius.

The next morning, the group heads out. A girl comes to ask Eleanor a favor: not long ago, the Temple's high priestess, Mahina, went missing. Soon after, the high priestess's daughter, Kamoana, also went missing. Eleanor promises to look for them. At the temple, they hear a daemon inside causing mayhem. The group enters and eventually encounters the daemon. Magilou recognizes her pendant as the one worn by the high priestess. Shocked to see that the high priestess had succumbed to daemonblight, Eleanor now feels she has a duty to kill her in order to free her. She fights and defeats the daemon, but it flees before Eleanor could deliver the final blow.

The group continues deeper into the temple and discovers the therion. A confirmation comes when it hits the same barrier they saw in Warg Forest. The group fights and defeats the therion, but then the daemon priestess arrives. Eleanor, feeling she has to fulfill her duty, strikes the daemon and sends it flying to the therion. Mortally wounded, the daemon crawls to the therion, and Eleanor is shocked when the therion begins eating it, something Velvet knows all too well. As the daemon is being consumed, the daemon says she is sorry and screams "Kamoana!". Eleanor is even more shocked when the therion transforms into a crying little girl and realizes that it is Kamoana herself, having just eaten her own mother, though she has no memory of it. Eleanor is guilt-ridden, and then Oscar arrives, and she demands to know what the Abbey is doing. Oscar refuses to answer, claiming the less Eleanor knows the better. Oscar, realizing that Kamoana ate the daemon that has been harassing the Abbey, assures Eleanor that she was a necessary sacrifice. But Eleanor, anguished, claims it was not just any daemon, but a mother who tried to save her daughter, and the only thing she could do was to satisfy her daughter's hunger. Eleanor cannot accept that the Abbey would turn a little girl into a therion. Oscar states it was necessary sacrifice to ensure the saving of the world. Velvet knocks Oscar down and proceeds to devour Kamoana, as she believes she will only slow the group down. Eleanor protests, mainly because she feels responsible over her, as it is because of her that Kamoana's mother was devoured. Velvet pushes Eleanor aside, and Eleanor tries to reason that she does not have to kill her, that simply taking her away from the temple will be enough. Velvet strikes, causing Eleanor to scream her name, but Eleanor is then visibly surprised as Velvet did not devour Kamoana; instead, she destroyed the barrier, leaving Eleanor speechless that Velvet would actually spare Kamoana, further proving to her that not all daemons are mindless monsters. Eleanor and Laphicet convince Kamoana to come with them. They return to Haria.

As the group returns to Haria, something is going on. The villagers appear weak, and a purple haze is seeping from their bodies. Grimoirh and Magilou state that it is malevolence. Eleanor and Velvet realize Eizen knows what malevolence is, but the Abbey is closing in on them. He says they will talk later, but right now they have to run. Back at Van Eltia, Eleanor, Velvet and Laphicet demand answers about malevolence. Grimoirh warns Eizen that revealing the truth would be to break the malak taboo, as the subject is basically how the world actually works. Velvet says she is not a human, and Eleanor firmly says she cannot lie to herself anymore. Eizen then reveals that there is no daemonblight, as any human carries the potential of becoming a daemon through malevolence. All it takes is enough negative emotions to generate malevolence, and when the amount of malevolence reaches its limit, the human turns into a daemon. He elaborates that malakhim themselves do not generate malevolence, but to them, malevolence is a poison; if they come in contact with massive amounts of external malevolence, they will transforms into daemons as well. Eleanor realizes the lie of daemonblight was created to ensure the people would not learn the truth about malevolence because the knowledge of it could be devastating to humans. Although she knows the truth now, she intends to keep the secret for the time being and discover the truth herself. This experience serves as a great step toward her seeing that many of the views Abbey taught her are wrong, and she begins to doubt her mission.

Abandoning a Cause

Chibi Eleanor.png

The group boards the Van Eltia, intending to return to Loegres at Tabatha Baskerville's request. On the way, Eleanor watches over Laphicet and Kamoana while thinking to herself. She became an exorcist in order to help rid the world from daemons, using malakhim as tools to achieve that goal. However, now she witnesses a therion girl and a malakhim boy bonding, shattering her views about them. She takes her mother's mirror and questions her motives. All she knows for certain is that she must protect Kamoana, a therion. Kamoana sees the mirror and comments that it is pretty. Eleanor shows the mirror to her, and seeing her current face, Kamoana is frightened and begins to cry, saying she looks hideous. To comfort her, Eleanor reveals the large scar she carries on her chest. Eleanor vows to protect Kamoana but cannot bring herself to tell her what happened to Mahina. Velvet comes to get her and Laphicet, as Grimoirh has learned more about the ancient book.

Grimoirh reveals she has been wondering about the passage from the song she deciphered: "As long as there is one receptive to divine power, therions are forever reborn". The group interprets that if a therion is killed, another will be born to take its place. Due to this, the group decides to extract therions away from earthpulse points in order to weaken Innominat; thus, taking Kamoana along was the right thing to do, but the group needs a hideout in order to safeguard them.

Arriving in Loegres, Velvet orders Eleanor to remain outside the Bloodwing tavern with Laphicet, even though the Bloodwings already know the group has an exorcist with them. Eleanor obeys. While they wait, Eleanor is struggling with herself. She has returned to Loegres with Laphicet in tow, and was to deliver him to the Abbey. However, after everything she has gone through since joining Velvet's group, she cannot decide whether she should do it, not realizing that Velvet left her outside for this very reason: to test her. She asks Laphicet if he would like to go tour the city with her. Laphicet is intrigued but declines. Eleanor believes it is because he cannot trust her, but Laphicet assures her that is not the case. Eleanor then says that they really should not, otherwise Velvet would get mad at them. Just then, Velvet and the others return with a robed man and his hawk they need to escort out from the city somewhere safe. They also got a tip from Tabatha that the prison island Titania has not had any contact from the Abbey for some time, and they are going to check it out, as it would serve as a perfect hideout for safeguarding therions. Eleanor scolds Velvet for not questioning about the man's identity, but Velvet claims it is not necessary. Eleanor recognizes the scent from the man, something good and elegant.

At Port Zekson, as the group is about to leave, Benwick is arguing with the dockmaster. Suddenly, a surge of power emanates from the Empyrean's Throne. For a brief moment, the dockmaster acts like he has no control over his actions. Taking this as a bad sign, the group leaves quickly. On the ship, Velvet asks the man to reveal himself. Eleanor had her suspicions from the scent, and she gets a confirmation to it: the man is Percival Yil Mid Asgard, next in line to the Midgand throne. Percival says the group can do anything with him, claiming he can never go back.

The Van Eltia docks at Titania, and the place is quiet. It seems that the Abbey was unable to quell the prison riot Velvet incited. Eleanor is surprised how Velvet, Magilou, and Rokurou know about this place, as she had only little knowledge about it. Magilou reveals that the three of them were held here, and they incited a riot in order to escape, leaving Eleanor speechless. As the group enters the hall, they find a lone exorcist dying. She mutters something about a headless knight, but dies. Eizen suspects the riot incited venomization, a ritual in which daemons fight each other to create even more powerful daemons. In order to acquire this place, the group has to do a clean sweep of the island. Eleanor tells Kamoana to call out to her if she is in trouble, and she promises to come for her. Kamoana agrees, and Eleanor leaves Dyle and Kurogane to look after her.

The group finds a an armored, headless daemon on top of Velvet's old cell and defeats it. Right after, Laphicet senses an earthpulse point at that spot. Velvet leads the group down to the cell and begins to tell her story. Three years ago, Artorius threw Velvet into that dark pit, and she was kept there, feeding on daemons, but she never realized she was transferring malevolence to Innominat. One day, a female malak entered the cell and released the monster within, but Velvet devoured the malak as well, and it was then when she received the power to avenge her brother, who was murdered by Artorius. Everyone realizes that Velvet is a therion as well. Eleanor, however, still does not believe Artorius would murder a helpless child, even though the group had said it many times over already. Velvet angrily snaps at her and asks what is so unbelievable about it. Eleanor uneasily says he must have had a reason, but Velvet grabs her and screams at her face that it is exactly what her precious Shepherd did, and that she will not accept that he did it in order to save the world from pain, as there is no one to save Laphi from his pain. Velvet simmers down and lets Eleanor go, as she has nothing to do with what Artorius did. Hearing Velvet's angry words leaves Eleanor with no room to doubt her claims, and her faith in Artorius shakes.

Suddenly, Eleanor hears Kamoana screaming for help, but nobody else does. She asks everyone to go back to her. They run back to the docks and find the real headless knight, the final product of venomization, attacking Kamoana, Dyle, and Kurogane. Eleanor jumps down, and Kamoana is happy that Eleanor came like she promised. The group defeats the daemon, but part of it comes back alive and attacks Kamoana. Suddenly, it is attacked and devoured by the therion from the Loegres villa. Prince Percival says that that therion is Griffin, his hawk and only friend. Percival then reveals his reasons for leaving Loegres: he has never enjoyed true freedom, but when he saw Griffin flying freely, it gave him happiness. When the Abbey discovered that Griffin was receptive to Innominat's power, they forcibly turned him into a therion. Even though he is a therion now, Griffin is still the same bird he always has been. Percival could not stand that Griffin was being denied from his freedom, so he attempted to free him but was caught. In the confusion, Griffin killed a guard, and Percival felt he has to escape. Velvet likens Percival's actions to Artorius's question: why does he think that birds fly. Eleanor is surprised to hear this, as Artorius asked her the same question. Percival answers that a bird who cannot fly is no bird at all. Velvet allows Percival to do what he wants, and the group begins to build Titania into a hideout for safekeeping the therions.

Eleanor was playing with Kamoana when she left to think for herself on top of one of the Titania's watchtowers. When she joined the Abbey, she did it in order to eradicate daemons from the world because daemons destroyed her life. However, after joining Velvet, she has now seen things she never would have even considered possible. She has seen through Laphicet and Eizen that malakhim are not tools to be used, but that they are sentient beings capable of living like any human. More importantly, through Velvet and Rokurou, and even Dyle and Kurogane, she has seen that even daemons can still be possess feelings like any normal human, as well as still act like one. Now she thinks that the Abbey and Artorius are wrong about a lot of things. Velvet comes to the watchtower in search for her, by Kamoana's request, as she was worried about her. Eleanor turns and has her first civil talk with Velvet, who she, not long ago, would have loved to destroy. She admits that after traveling with Velvet, she has seen things she did not believe in before. Velvet tells her to take care, and this surprises Eleanor. Velvet says that Laphicet and Kamoana would worry if something would happen to her. Eleanor assures Velvet not to worry and asks that she tell Kamoana also not to worry. As Velvet leaves, Eleanor remains in the tower for a while to clear her thoughts.

Later, Eleanor returns to the others with something she has has to say to them. She openly admits that she was a spy working under Artorius's orders, with her mission to bring Laphicet to the Abbey. Now, however, after everything she has seen and heard since joining them, she no longer intends to follow the Abbey's orders. Velvet asks if she is going to turn her back on Artorius. Eleanor answers no, as she still believes in Artorius's sincerity, but she can no longer accept the Abbey's methods. Now she intends to help the group protect the therions until she discovers the truth about Innominat herself, fully acting by her own will. The others then indirectly reveal how they already knew Eleanor was a spy. Eleanor is embarrassed but does not deny it. Magilou welcomes her to their group of wickedness, and she is accepted with open arms.

Therion Hunting

In order to track down the therions, Laphicet leads the group to Velvet's cell, and from there he is able to sense earthpulse points, even their sizes. They take the Van Eltia to the closest one west from Titania. There is only water there, but Eizen suggests they try to fish for a therion. Eleanor takes it upon herself to teach Laphicet about fishing, as in her home village, an elderly fisherman taught her about it. The two bond quickly, which leaves Velvet worrying that Laphicet may choose Eleanor over her. The group only catches useless things until Velvet fishes a large pot, which Eizen sees valuable. It spawns daemons from inside it, and even the pot itself turns into one. When the group defeats it, things settle down. Laphicet feels down on leading the group to the wrong place, but the others cheer him up, as Eleanor says it was fun fishing even though they failed to catch a therion.

Another therion search leads the group to the Aldina Plains in Midgand. After finding nothing at the earthpulse point, they venture to nearby town of Stonebury to obtain more information and encounter Zaveid again having a drink. A Bloodwing tells them the daemon returns to its nest only when it is raining, and it begins to rain right then. The group heads back to the earthpulse point, and this time, the daemon, a large dragon, is there. Seeing that it generates huge amounts of malevolence means it is not a therion. Velvet intends to retreat, but Eizen attacks the dragon. The group fights the dragon, but Eleanor thinks it is unbeatable. Suddenly, Zaveid arrives and stops the group from harming the dragon, but the dragon strikes him down and flies away. The group realizes that the dragon was someone Zaveid used to know, and Eizen reveals that if a malak is overcome with malevolence, a dragon is what results, shocking Eleanor and Laphicet, as if Eleanor should succumb to malevolence herself, Laphicet would transform into dragon as well.

With two missed earthpulse points, the group returns to Titania. Laphicet finds the next point in Northgand, near Hellawes, the town Velvet, Rokurou, Magilou, and Dyle wrecked. As the group is about to leave, Kamoana comes crying, having had a nightmare where her mother told her she does not want her because she looks scary. Eleanor tries to assure her her mother would never say things like that, but Kamoana accuses Eleanor of lying. Eleanor is helpless about this and Velvet steps in, has Kamoana let it all out, and she cries herself to sleep. Eleanor realizes Kamoana misses her mother and leaves Dyle and Percival to look after her, but they say a lizard daemon and a rogue prince are no substitute for a mother.

The group arrives in Hellawes, and they ask the townspeople for information. They also overhear the town talking about the "Calamity" that wrecked the town last time. The townspeople say that recently there was an incident in which a young girl caught daemonblight and transformed into daemon. The Abbey killed it, but the mother of the girl, Medissa, attacked the exorcists. They said she is receptive and that she was taken to the Faldies Ruins. From this, the group believes that Medissa is a therion and may be willing to work with them. They travel to the Faldies Ruins and fight their way to Medissa. However, Medissa claims she became a therion willingly in order to help the Abbey to eradicate malevolence, then sends her snake minions to attack them. Eleanor asks why she is helping the Abbey when they killed her daughter, but Medissa claims it was her daughter's own fault the malevolence took her. Medissa also recognizes that Velvet is the Calamity. The group defeats her, but she is willing to die as long as malevolence is eradicated. Laphicet steps in and claims enough mothers have died already. He and Eleanor tell Medissa about Kamoana, and she is shocked to hear that the Abbey turned her into a therion by force, and that the only thing she could for her daughter was to offer herself as sustenance for her. From this, Medissa realizes that her daughter turned into a daemon because of her, as she loved her new boyfriend more than her. She collapses from the realization. The group carries her back to the Van Eltia, and Eizen places a binding arte on her just in case. Eleanor is worried that extracting Medissa from the earthpulse point may cause Hellawes to suffer the same fate as Haria did, but she is relieved when everything in town is still normal. The group then returns to Titania.

At Titania, Medissa threatens the group until Kamoana arrives to welcome them back. Medissa is shocked when Eleanor says she is Kamoana. Kamoana falls and begins to cry. Since Eleanor is unable to reach her, she breaks the binding arte on Medissa and pleads with her to talk to Kamoana, as she is a mother. Medissa goes to Kamoana, and she is able to convince her that her mother would never say she does not want her, and she knows this because she is mother also. The two therions immediately bond, leaving Eleanor happy.


The next day, Kamoana feels much better, which makes Eleanor glad, but Velvet, in her usual blunt way, demands that Laphicet track the next earthpulse point. Although Eleanor has warmed up to Velvet a lot, she still thinks she is being too blunt. Laphicet locates the next point at the eastern part of Eastgand, where Velvet's home village, Aball, is located. As the group sails to Taliesin on Eastgand, they enter a thick fog. Velvet reminds Eleanor that Laphicet is not "her little malak", and Eleanor says the same for Velvet. As they dock, the fog clears, and in town, Velvet reveals that her home village is the likely place for a therion. Eleanor and others begin to learn what kind of girl Velvet used to be before the tragedies in her life. In Aball, Eleanor witnesses Velvet smiling for the first time. As Rokurou and Eizen attempt to find the therion, Velvet joins Eleanor, Laphicet, and Magilou to go prickleboar hunting, and Eleanor begins to see that Velvet used to be a hard-working, compassionate, and loving girl, believing those qualities still lie within her. However, the group soon discovers that their current reality in Aball is nothing more than an illusion, which reverts Velvet back to her usual demeanor, a trait that distresses Eleanor. Later, when the group returns to the Van Eltia, Eizen suspects Eleanor of tipping Melchior off since there was no way of him knowing they would venture to Aball. Certain that someone is spying on them, he confronts Eleanor about the matter due to her history within the Abbey, but she denies any responsibility.

An Old Comrade and a New Truth

Artwork for Tales of Link.

The group's search for the final therion eventually leads them to Lionel Island, picking up Teresa on an Abbey ship afflicted by the corsair's scourge along the way. Teresa agrees to lead them to the therion in exchange for helping her save Oscar. Along the way, Teresa speaks with Eleanor privately, curious as to why she has sided with Velvet and betrayed the Abbey. Eleanor claims she still intends to save the world, but that she has found another way to accomplish it. Teresa does not accept this answer, but Eleanor never believed she would. Teresa also notices how Laphicet acts like a human, questioning if Eleanor had something to do with it. Although Eleanor has formed a pact with Laphicet to be his vessel, she has not tethered him to her, and thus Eleanor cannot use Laphicet herself. Teresa and Oscar are later killed by Velvet during the subsequent events, which results in Eleanor feeling a conflicting wave of emotions.

Upon returning to the Van Eltia, Benwick announces that the Abbey has launched a full-scale attack on Titania. Eleanor immediately claims she did not tell anything to them, at this point drastically concerned about Kamoana. It is soon revealed the true spy is Bienfu, having been attuned with an arte by Melchior to act as a spy. Since Bienfu originally belonged to Magilou, it is possible he was given to Eleanor for this particular reason. As the Van Eltia approaches Titania, Velvet orders Benwick to take them to the back docks. The group jumps to the docks just in time to save Grimoirh and Orthrus. As the group expected, the exorcists are attuned with armatus. Eleanor is shocked, as it is clear the Abbey knows how dangerous armatus is to its user, and she laments that if she had not betrayed the Abbey, she probably would be here now, fighting with an armatus herself. To ensure none of the exorcists turn into daemons due to armatus, Melchior has also attuned them with a self-destruction arte. This shocks Eleanor even more, as even exorcists in the end are just tools for the Abbey. When Bienfu confesses to being a spy, Eizen apologizes to Eleanor for suspecting her, and she appreciates it, having now fully earned the group's trust.

The group reaches the docks, but Artorius and Shigure ambush them. Velvet and Rokurou engage them, but the fight is cut short when Artorius declares that it will be Innominat himself who will fight, not him. The group is baffled and outright shocked when he manifests, and even more surprised when they see that Innominat has the face and form of Velvet's deceased brother. The group engage him, but his power is too great. Eleanor cannot understand how Innominat is able to manifest, as they extracted the therions from the earthpulses, which should have weakened him. However, Artorius and Shigure explain that by the time they extracted the therions, it was already too late, as it was never about the amount of malevolence that was needed for Innominat to awaken; rather, it was the quality of it in eight different types: greed, conceit, lust, cowardice, selfishness, obsession, hatred, and despair. By the time the group extracted the therions, Innominat had already consumed the first six malevolences. The last two are inside Velvet, and in order for Innominat to fully awaken, he will need to devour Velvet. When he does, he will then cleanse humanity of its sins. The group realizes that this means Innominat will suppress humanity's emotions and free will. Without them, malevolence can no longer be created, and the world will be free from daemons. Eleanor is ultimately shocked to hear that the Abbey's ultimate goal was always to suppress free will, and Artorius uses her betrayal as an example of why it must be done; free will caused Eleanor to join Velvet and abandon her mission. Having now learned the truth, Eleanor now fully rejects Artorius's ideals and makes it her mission to stop him.

The Past

The group is soon separated in an earthpulse when Laphicet defends them against Innominat, with Eleanor having made it alongside Velvet and Laphicet. However, Eleanor grows worried of Velvet, as she is clearly not alright after seeing her brother as Innominat. She cannot think straight because part of her believes Innominat wearing her brother's face was just an illusion, but the other part believes it was all true, that everything she did was for nothing. They then witness a vision about Velvet's life from the past. Velvet slashes it and vows to kill both Artorius and Innominat. Laphicet attempts to calm Velvet down, but she threatens him, forcing Eleanor to strike her. The trio then attempts to discover a way out of the earthpulse.

As the trio heads deeper into the earthpulse, they witness another vision of the past, this time Artorius meeting Celica Crowe for the first time. Eizen and Rokurou appear, and Eizen explains that they are witnessing the Earthen Historia, the history of the world recorded by the land itself, and since the earth serves as Innominat's vessel, he can freely show these visions about Velvet's past in order to get her to succumb even further into despair. Eleanor claims it is too horrible for Innominat to use these visions to break Velvet. Subsequent visions allow Eleanor to learn more about Velvet's past, being shocked particularly upon learning of Laphicet's origins as a dead human being reborn as a malak, as well as Seres being Celica's reincarnation. Another confrontation with Innominat then ensues, and through Laphicet's aid, Velvet is able to overcome her despair and allow the group to escape the earthpulse through a portal.

On the Run

The group blast themselves out from the portal, which Magilou and Bienfu had been protecting from Melchior. Eleanor now sees Melchior as her enemy, and without any hesitation, sides with her friends, as Velvet declares that Artorius and Innominat took away her happy life, and she will go forward with her revenge for herself this time. The group fights Melchior and Number One and defeats them. Melchior then summons the daemon from Aball, but Zaveid appears and blasts them into the portal. He reveals the group are in an Abbey facility on Hexen Isle, which they learn is a dragon facility of sorts. This is ultimately the last straw for Eleanor; the picture she drew about the Abbey is crumbling from bottom up. She always believed that the Abbey intended to save the world from daemons and protect the people, but now she knows that the Abbey intended to accomplish it by destroying the very essence of humanity, turning malakhim into dragons so that Innominat could still sustain himself after he has fully awakened.

The group exits the facility and runs toward Zaveid's ship, but suddenly, Silva is struck with a ball of concentrated malevolence, courtesy of Innominat, converting him into a dragon. Eleanor is shocked by this, and Innominat reveals it was the very reason why he took him away from Teresa. The group is trapped between Innominat and Silva, now a dragon. Zaveid steps in, empowers himself with Siegfried, and attacks Innominat while the group takes on the dragon, but the dragon is able to heal himself, and Innominat defeats Zaveid. Laphicet steps in, deciding to take on Innominat himself, and orders the others to take out the dragon. Eleanor is certain this is suicide, but he claims it to be strategy. Eleanor fights the dragon again with the others and witnesses Laphicet's strategy; he knew he could not defeat Innominat alone, but he was able to anger him, causing him to launch a strong beam of energy that Laphicet is able to evade, striking the dragon instead, causing it to fall. Angered, Innominat launches malevolence toward Laphicet to turn him into a dragon, but suddenly, Laphicet unleashes a silver flame that burns the malevolence away, surprising everyone. This causes Innominat to be blasted away, and the group is able to escape with Zaveid's ship.

The Missing Captain

The group sails to Port Cadnix in order to recuperate after such a long string of battles. Velvet asks Eleanor to look after Laphicet, but Eleanor claims Velvet should do it, as he did all of this for her. Velvet claims she cannot, as she is seeping with malevolence after having decided to take the path of selfishness to get her revenge. Eleanor then accepts. The next morning, Eleanor witnesses Eizen and Zaveid arguing about the daemon with Melchior. Zaveid leaves on his own to track it down. Eizen reveals he received word that Aifread had been seen on Lionel Island, but Eizen has suspected since Aball that the Melchior's daemon is Aifread himself, and is now certain the Van Eltia is sailing toward a trap. Since Zaveid took the ship on his own, the group requires another. Eleanor secures a ship from the port, and this surprises Velvet, as Eleanor practically steals the ship for the cause. Eleanor denies she is a rogue, but she must ensure that Kamoana is safe.

As the ship arrives at Lionel Island, the Van Eltia is already there. Eleanor jumps to the dock, and Kamoana cries to her. Kamoana states that a daemon attacked them, and Grimoirh claims that had it not been for Zaveid, they would be dead. He lured the daemon away, so the group follows. Upon locating Zaveid and the elusive daemon Aifread, resulting in a scuffle that ends with Aifread's death, but not before he is reverted back to a human by Laphicet. Before dying, Aifread provides the group some vital information on Artorius's plans, which Grimoirh later confirms and elaborates on. After devising a plan, the group sails toward Northgand. From the Empyrean's Throne, Innominat's domain surges forth and engulfs everything in its wake. The Ceremony of Suppression, which the group just recently learned about, has begun. Towns fall under Innominat's influence, and it suppresses humanity's free will and emotions. Eleanor is able to resist thanks to her pact with Laphicet. Eizen takes the helm and docks at Port Zekson.

Appearance and Personality

Status image in Tales of Berseria.

Eleanor has light skin, green eyes, and reddish hair. She wears a pale gold dress with a blue overcoat, colors of the Abbey. She is a kindhearted and compassionate woman. In addition, she tries to affect an air of ruthlessness and logic that is expected of an exorcist, but her true nature shines though. She never forgets that she joined the Abbey to help people, and when she has exterminated daemons, she also listens and tries to help the populace in general. Eleanor's mother was killed by daemons when she was young, an act that solidifies her resolve and faith in the Abbey's mission.

Holding a serious, reserved demeanor when it comes to her job, Eleanor is initially seen as just another exorcist acting on behalf of the Abbey. Her early encounters with the group show this, but Eleanor's weaker, more vulnerable side appears on several occasions as well, notably during her first encounter with Velvet. Although she attempts to hide her emotions, they often spill over when her sense of justice drives her to do good and better the world around her despite knowing she will always be unable to help everyone, a "shortcoming" she blames herself for. Her encounter with Velvet and the others within Loegres's Grand Cathedral leaves her confused and conflicted when countered with the group's vague motives and the Abbey's secrets.

Eleanor's submission to Velvet for the sake of serving as Laphicet's vessel following her defeat in their duel eventually becomes one of willingness as she begins to question the Abbey's "reason". While she does manage to warm up to Velvet and the others over time, her inner struggle becomes a quest of her own, seeking the answers kept hidden from her despite secretly following Artorius's orders still. Having lost her own mother, Eleanor develops a strong bond with Kamoana due to the similar fate of her mother, and after learning that Kamoana's mother's death was the Abbey's doing, she abandons her exorcist role.

Fighting Style

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Eleanor specializes in wielding her spear, using it for wide, sweeping attacks not unlike Alisha Diphda from Tales of Zestiria. Her martial artes are spear attacks, focused on thrusting and a few of them drain enemy's HP, while her malak artes focus on the Fire element. She is a good close- and mid-ranged attacker, while lacking the ability to fight at long distance. Eleanor's Break Soul is Aerial Strike, which is a rising sweep that knocks enemies into the air. She can eventually learn abilities that allow her to follow them into the air and perform aerial combos. Her mystic artes are Spiral Hail, which is a series of thrusts that ends with a vortex at the end of her spear, Lostfon Drive, and Gungnir Twister. She also shares a dual mystic arte with Magilou known as Excelion Pierce.

Other Appearances

Tales of Crestoria

Artwork for Tales of Asteria.

In Tales of Crestoria, Eleanor first appears as a member of the Order of Knights in Medagal, in front of twins Assid and Forte from the same Order, who give her an observator duty over their new experiment, Makina, setting her loose to destroy the Nation of Sin. She witnesses Makina and the enforcers massacre the transgressors before being defeated by the sole survivors, Kanata Hjuger, Misella, Vicious and Aegis Alver.

Eleanor learns that the twins plan to summon the goddess Kasque by either forcing the Enforcer-possessed Sonia to explode, annihilating the town of Yednark or forcing Kanata to kill the fused duo, in either case pointing all crime on the boy, which will allow the masses to feel immense hate, resulting in Kasque descending from the heavens. Unable to accept the methods they have chosen, Eleanor helps evacuate the town while the transgressors calm Sonia down.