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Eleth (原素エレス Genso / "Eresu"?, "Element") is an important source of energy in Tales of Graces.


Eleth is the foundation of life for both Ephinea and Fodra. On the latter, virtually all fauna and flora died out after the planet's eleth dried up. Eleth itself is divided into three basic types representing the elements of Fire, Water, and Wind; these elements are further represented through different colors: red for Fire, blue for Water, and green for Wind. The basis of all life is founded within these three components, and it also serves as a catalyst for magical artes and certain skills such as cooking via the Eleth Mixer.

Eleth is not accessible to humans unless it has assumed a solid form, which happens via cryas shards, the chippings of valkines cryas (大煇石バルキネスクリアス?). These shards yield a great societal value as well, almost being seen as being of monetary value due to their usefulness. Although they are found virtually everywhere, they are rarer in some places than others. In Lhant, for example, whole mines with cryas shards from Gloandi exist, while the inhabitants of Velanik must carefully consider the usage of their scarce Forbrannir fragments.

The valkines cryas, source of the cryas shards, provide the planet with its eleth by absorbing their corresponding elements, which is why, for example, in Strahta's Water-elemental valkines cryas, Duplemar, has transformed the surrounding region into a vast desert. Humans typically gather and form settlements near the valkines cryas due to their great usefulness as energy sources, and the three countries of the game each govern one of the three: Windor governs Gloandi, Strahta governs Duplemar, and Fendel governs Forbrannir.

The Lastalia, essentially the planet's core, is an endless source of eleth, supplying the valkines cryas with their energy that enables them to generate the planet and carry eleth into the world. Ephinea's Lastalia is actually a fragment of Fodra's Lastalia, but a shared consciousness between the two is never stated. Fodra's Lastalia reveals a consciousness during the events of the story, but Ephinea's does not.