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Elf Colony
Elf Colony (ToP).jpg
Game Tales of Phantasia
World Aselia
Country Kingdom of Alvanista
Region Alvanistan Continent

The Elf Colony (エルフの集落 Erufu no Shuuraku?, "Elf Village") is a village in Tales of Phantasia that serves as the border between Ymir Forest and Treantwood. As its name suggests, the village is the enclave of the elves from around the world who developed an isolation from humans years ago. The place strictly forbids half-elves from entering because the elves fear the magic that the half-elves use, which they believe would only bring destruction to their race. In the past, humans are only admitted inside if they have the crest of Alvanista, which can only be obtained from the King. In the future, this is no longer required, though half-elves remain forbidden.


The Elf Colony is located directly between the Ymir Forest and the depths of Treantwood, which the elves consider a holy place. Ymir Forest is south of the Elf Colony, while Treantwood lies to the north. Over time, the Elf Colony's physical presence changes little. The village builds its homes in wood, with rooms of thatch on elevated shafts of wood. Numerous rivers cut through the village, requiring the presence of bridges, and there is a storehouse at the edge of the village. It is a peaceful place where its inhabitants live a quiet life. In the past, however, it is filled with only elves and is very quiet. In the future, it is instead bustling with life, as humans may now enter and leave as they desire.


Tales of Phantasia

Past Timeline

Places of Interest:

  • "Nameless Inn" (名も無き宿屋 Namonaki Yadoya?)
  • "Nameless Weapon Shop" (名も無き武具屋 Namonaki Buguya?)
  • "Nameless Tool Shop" (名も無き道具屋 Namonaki Douguya?)
  • "Nameless Apothecary" (名も無き薬屋 Namonaki Kusuriya?)
  • "Nameless Restaurant" (名も無き食べ物屋 Namonaki Tabemonoya?)

The party approaches the Elf Colony at the recommendation of Edward D. Morrison in order to have their pact rings fixed. It takes some effort, but Lundgrom gives them the Royal Crest of Alvanista in order to allow them passage into the town. Unfortunately, due to their policies regarding half-elves, Arche Klein is unable to enter, so she willingly stays away. Inside the Elf Colony, they come across the leader, Brambert Milene, who takes them deep into Treantwood in order to fix their pact rings. Upon their return, however, there is a commotion: Arche sneaks into the village and gets caught. She is sentenced to death for her trespassing, but a woman offers herself for imprisonment in order to spare Arche's life. Arche recognizes her as Luti Klein, her mother, but Luti is taken away and the party banished as long as Arche is with them. They ask the weapon shop for help fixing Chester Burklight's bow, but the owner directs them to Arsia in order to have it fixed. They are forced to return, however, when Arsia takes Arche hostage in order to make them bring Brambert to her.

Future Timeline

Places of Interest:

  • "Elven Inn" (エルフINN Erufu Inn?, "Elf Inn")
  • "Twilight" Weapon Shop
  • "Sunset" Armory
  • "Song of Silence" (静寂の歌 Seijaku no Uta?) Apothecary
  • "A to Z" (あかさたな Akasatana?) Restaurant

The future brings more openness in the dealings between elves and humans; humans are now free to walk unimpeded in the Elf Colony, though half-elves remain forbidden. Within the inn, the proprietress, Luti, gives some equipment to the party in order to aid her daughter, Arche.

Tales of the World: Summoner's Lineage

The party heads to the Elf Colony in order to find the "Elven Bow" and call Chester into the future. While there, they come across Elfy protecting a broom from Goodel, who works for Xex. Protecting Elfy, they discover that the broom was Arche's, and they use it to bring Arche into the future. Unfortunately, the "Elven Bow" had been stolen, so they head to Arlee and its black market to find it.