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Elle Mel Marta
Elle Mel Marta.jpg
Appearance Tales of Xillia 2
Residences Elle's Home
Lake Epsilla
Age 8
Height 130 cm
Race Human
Japanese Voice Actor Mariya Ise
English Voice Actor Brina Palencia[1]
Character Designer Daigo Okumura

Elle Mel Marta (エル・メル・マータ Eru Meru Maata?, "Elle Mel Mata") is one of the main characters in Tales of Xillia 2. She meets Ludger Will Kresnik after her father, Victor, sends her away to safety and tells her to get to the Land of Canaan.


Fractured Dimension

Not much is known about this Elle other than she came from a different fractured dimension and entered Victor's dimension in hopes of reaching the Land of Canaan. She later dies when Victor's actions backfire. Her death and the realization that his daughter is also fated to become the Key of Kresnik causes Victor to protect his dimension's Elle at all costs.

Victor's Dimension

Born as Ludger Kresnik and Lara Mel Marta's child, Elle was involved in a conspiracy when her father, who was still going by "Ludger" at the time, tried to protect her from being sent to the prime dimension because of her status as the Key of Kresnik. The resulting battle causes her mother to die after her spirit is broken. Though Elle was too young to remember these events, her father, now going by "Victor", raises her by himself. Years later, on a rainy night, black-suited agents invade the home at Lake Epsilla where Elle lives with her father, Victor. As they flee, Victor hands Elle his pocket watch and tells to take the ten o'clock train in Trigleph and seek the Land of Canaan. She flees onto a boat, which Victor unmoors and activates with his dual blades. Elle's last sight of her father is him falling against a barrage of bullets.

Elle eventually manages to find her way to Trigleph Central Station, gaining the aid of Ludger's cat, Rollo, along the way. She first meets Ludger at the train station and accuses him of being a kidnapper, thus grating her access to the train. The two meet again later after an Exodus agent attacks them. While on the train, the pair encounters Jude Mathis, a renowned spyrite research, Bisley Karcsi Bakur, the CEO of Spirius Corporation, and Vera, his assistant. Bisley tells the three that the train has been hijacked, so they travel to the engine car in attempt to resolve the issue, only to find that Ludger's brother, Julius Will Kresnik, is attempting to assassinate Bisley. In the confusion, Elle watches Ludger transform into black armor, and then she, Ludger, Jude, and Rollo are transported to an alternate train whose riders are the president of Verland Bank and Nova, an old classmate of Ludger's. This train is still out of control, so they go to deal with a situation and discover a blackened Julius, who kills both the president and Nova. Before Elle's eyes, Ludger is forced to kill his brother.

In the aftermath, Elle and Ludger wake up in Duval after being heavily injured and healed through Rideaux Zek Rugievit's medical aspyrixis treatment. This incurs a large debt, and Rideaux takes Elle hostage as leverage to force Ludger to sign for a large loan. At the same time, Elle and Ludger come into conflict over the pocket watch that Elle carries, with Ludger believing it to be Julius's and Elle believing it to be her father's. Nevertheless, Ludger pays for Elle's treatment, and the two manage to scrape their way back to Trigleph where Ludger lives, with Jude following in guilt due to his inability to help. Elle accompanies Ludger on his journey to find his brother, Julius, and then as Ludger becomes an agent for Spirius tasked with the elimination of fractured dimensions, growing closer to him all the while.

In one particular fractured dimension, she bonds with a fractured version of Milla Maxwell, enjoying her cooking and comparing it to Ludger's attempts, which she says is second to only her father. Elle is the only one truly happy when Milla survives the destruction of her dimension and ends up in the prime one, and she is also overjoyed to discover that they have obtained one of the Waymarkers necessary to reach Canaan. The night after they return, Elle confronts Ludger with the knowledge that he needs her nearby in order to access his chromatus powers, without which he cannot enter and destroy fractured dimensions. She confronts with the choice of a full partnership to reach Canaan together, and the two seal the deal.

Status image in Tales of Xillia 2.

Elle continues to grow closer to Ludger, coming to see him as an almost father-like figure, though she remains loyal to her true father. Ludger, in turn, grows intensely protective of Elle. Elle also becomes closer to Milla, whose character episodes feature her quest to become a better cook in Elle's eyes. Unfortunately, their relationship is cut short when Milla loses her life on the E.S.S Pelune in order to bring back the prime Milla Maxwell. Elle is cold to Milla for a long time afterward, viewing her as a replacement to the Milla she knew and bonded with, but she eventually grows to accept Milla Maxwell as a person in her own right.

Eventually, the group gathers all of the Waymarkers save for one. In that fractured dimension, Elle discovers her father alive and well at their house. A horrifying truth emerges from this interaction: Elle is from this fractured dimension and her father is a fractured version of Ludger. It is Victor's plan to kill Ludger, take his place in the prime dimension, and then complete Origin's Trial with the wish that his family can be reborn together in the prime dimension. Elle is forced to choose between Victor and Ludger but is unable to, which angers Victor into trying to kill Ludger in earnest. In the end, Elle is forced to watch either as Ludger kills Victor in self-defense or as Victor commits suicide when Ludger hesitates. Her father dies, smiling, while he sings the family lullaby, the Hymn of Proof. Additionally, it is discovered that Ludger accidentally used Elle as the conduit for his chromatus powers, which means that the fate that should befall him—a slow and painful transformation into a divergence catalyst due to overuse—is now Elle's to bear. After returning to the prime dimension, Elle grieves for her deceased father and rejects all attempts by the others to help her. She eventually comes to realize that, for all of his love, Victor was attempting to kill her and that Ludger was protecting her. She finally accepts Ludger's help and cries.

Knowing that she is from a fractured dimension gives Elle a complex about how real she is, something that the fractured Milla struggled with as well. Even as she swears to continue her mission to Canaan, refusing to be left behind, Elle also comes to believe she is expendable, as the "real" Elle still has the possibility of being born. The two of them then open the path to Canaan, and they are confronted by its guardian, the Great Spirit Chronos. Bisley interferes and reveals not only that is he the strongest chromatus bearer in the prime dimension but also that he knows how to reach Canaan: with the life of a chromatus bearer turning into a soul bridge. Elle is the only one to hear Bisley's words, so she makes a deal with Bisley: she would willingly go with him if he does not use Ludger as the soul bridge. Bisley agrees and sets up events such that Elle would come with him while Ludger would become Spirius's vice president.

Rideaux reveals to Ludger that Elle is the Key of Kresnik, a person who appears every couple of generations with the capability of channeling the Great Spirit Origin's void powers. Her power is why Elle is able to cross dimensions on her own and bring both people and objects between them, and it is also why she is Bisley's trump card against Chronos, granter of the chromatus. To prevent this, Ludger and the group heads to the Land of Canaan, with Julius sacrificing himself to give them the soul bridge. They arrive in time to see Bisley and Elle trapped by Chronos. They take him out but Chronos uses his mastery of time to heal himself, so Bisley uses a spear to impale both Elle and Chronos, channeling Elle's Key of Kresnik powers to prevent Chronos from interfering any more. By this point, Elle's catalyst transformation is almost complete, and she is in immense pain from both the transformation and her impalement. She watches as Bisley achieves full chromatus transformation and tears through the party as well as breaking Ludger's watch.

The action is actually a boon. By breaking Ludger's watch, her father's version, which was ejected from the prime dimension near the time that they first met, is able to enter the prime version. Ludger then forms a proper pact, achieving full chromatus and taking out Bisley. Elle and Ludger then open the door together, successfully completing Origin's Trial and leaving them with one final choice: what to wish for.

If Ludger tries to have Origin save Elle, the "Ludger Ending" is achieved. Elle overrides Ludger and tells Origin to eliminate all of the fractured dimensions, as she is unwilling to let Ludger fight again and again with the possibility of being a catalyst himself. As her wish comes true, Elle's transformation completes, and she fades away with a smile while telling Ludger that the "real" Elle is still to come. Afterward, Ludger becomes president of Spirius and is informed of a meeting with Lara Mel Marta. Ludger rushes to the meeting, realizing that Lara is Elle's mother and comes with the possibility that Elle will be born.

If Ludger wishes to have the fractured dimensions eliminated, the "Elle Ending" is achieved. In order to save Elle from her fate, Ludger purposefully overdraws his chromatus powers and becomes a divergence catalyst. Doing so, he will become the millionth catalyst, at which point all in-progress transformations will stop and return to normal. Elle tries to protest that she isn't the real Elle, but Ludger is resolute because, no matter if a prime Elle may come to exist, that doesn't make that Elle the Elle that he journeyed with. He is choosing this Elle over any other possible Elle. Elle breaks down crying but comes to accept Ludger's decision, swearing to never forget his sacrifice. Ludger fades away while humming the Hymn of Proof, and Elle's transformation reverts.

Many years later, Elle is now older, dressed similarly to Ludger, and has a cat, Pollo, who is Rollo's child. She checks up on her friends and watches them continue successfully on their journeys through life. Elle then receives a call from Alvin about a job that Elize Lutus will be joining them on. Setting out to work, Elle hums her upbeat version of the Hymn of Proof.

Appearance and Personality

Elle is a lively, cheery, and strong-willed young girl who travels with Ludger and friends in order to reunite with her father by searching for the wish-granting Land of Canaan. She expresses how she hates tomatoes. As the game progresses, Elle becomes quite protective toward Ludger, just as he does toward her.


  • Elle's backpack references the Namco game Baraduke. The backpack itself is shaped as a Paccet, while the small charm hanging off it is the main character of the game, Kissy.


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