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Appearance Tales of Destiny 2
Age 27
Height 5'3" / 160 cm
Occupation Head of the Order of Atamoni
Weapon Double-bladed Staff
Japanese Voice Actor Yoshiko Sakakibara
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Elrane (エルレイン Erurein?), also spelled as Elraine, is a central antagonist in Tales of Destiny 2. The Holy Woman of the Order of Atamoni, Elrane is worshiped as a living manifestation of the goddess Fortuna. She takes joy in granting happiness to people, and is able to create miracles at will by drawing power out of Lens in a fashion similar to Reala. For this reason, people flock to her with offerings of Lens in order to receive her blessing. She wishes to create a world that worships only one goddess, and where everyone is "happy".

Elrane serves as the primary antagonist of the story, the forefront threat and penultimate boss, working directly against the central protagonist, Kyle Dunamis, and his companions, who wish to kill the goddess and liberate the human race from Fortuna's interference and control. She seeks to change the outcome of the Aeth'er Wars in order to give the power of Lens to all people using Dycroft as a distribution system. Elrane views herself as an extension of Fortuna, with her only responsibility being to aid the ascendancy of such with the assistance of Barbatos Goetia. Through her tampering, Barbatos is revived and refashioned as a hero in history. She is also responsible for the resurrection of Leon Magnus into the tainted Judas.


The People's Beacon of Righteousness

Artwork for Tales of Card Evolve.

Elrane spearheads the Order of Atamoni and casts its glimmer upon the citizens of the world. She is first mentioned during the course of the game's story by Loni Dunamis as he attempts to lecture Kyle on the state of the world following the events 18 years prior. When they venture to Aigrette, the central religious and political capital, Elrane makes her initial appearance, using the power of Lens to "cure" citizens of their various ailments, these "miracles" on display for the populace to witness. Kyle, mistaking her pendant for the one belonging to Reala, accuses her of stealing it, shocking the crown, palace guards, and even Loni with his outburst. Elrane assures the boy the pendant belongs to her but is intrigued that he has found a girl bearing an identical one, knowing for certain this is Reala. Elrane humors Kyle's mistake and acknowledges his kind heart as both he and Loni are formerly introduced to the famed holy woman. She takes her leave afterward.

Later in the story, when the group arrives in Heidelberg to meet with King Garr Kelvin, one of the legendary heroes, they find Elrane already in his presence, requesting for an offering of Lens to spread the blessings of the goddess to all the world. He declines out of suspicion, prompting Elrane to depart with some regretful words. On her way out, she notices Kyle specifically while Reala makes note of Elrane. Soon after this, the capital's castle is attacked by a Flying Dragon and an army, consisting of a hoard of monsters and Elrane's general Sabnock, who engages the group in battle alongside his pet Ose. After his defeat, the group makes their way to Garr only to discover him being attacked by Barbatos. Elrane soon makes her reappearance after Barbatos vanishes, taunting Reala and the others about taking vengeance upon Garr for failing to hand over his Lens.

True Intentions of God's Disciple

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Elrane leaves with the castle's Lens and hurls the group through time, specifically ten years in the future, where her influence has entirely overcome society, making it an indoctrinated system of religious dogma and citizens lacking names and personhood. Although Reala is fully aware of what has happened, it takes Kyle some convincing to believe that they are now in the future, separated from Loni and Judas. Joined by an archer named Nanaly Fletcher, the two make their way to her hometown of Hope Town in Calvalese, where she states Loni and Judas are. After the group reunites, they venture to Kalviola, once a desert capital now a holy temple belonging to the Order of Atamoni. There, they come face to face with the goddess Fortuna herself, a largely unexplained deity who yields unnerving power. She claims that both Elrane and Reala are her disciples, birthed by her and given the mission to save all of humankind through whatever means necessary.

This news is surprising to the group, but they are able to better grasp the situation at hand after Reala pleads with Fortuna to return them to the present. Elrane seeks to offer retribution to humanity via the manipulation of history, altering the events of the past to better align it with her vision of an ideal world. Upon the group's return to the castle in Heidelberg, they confirm the kingdom's Lens are missing, taken by Elrane, so they take it upon themselves to visit the Straylize Temple in Aigrette to retrieve it, knowing Elrane may seek out the Temple's Lens as well. There, Elrane elaborates on her philosophy of an ideal world to the group, tempting Reala with her message. Kyle sees through Elrane's facade and beckons Reala back to her senses, reaffirming his bond with her as her "hero".

Elrane flees with the Temple's Lens in a Flying Dragon while the group pursues her in the IXI Fossler, landing on the Flying Dragon and bypassing its security mechanisms only to meet her general Gaap in the control room, who summons the "Glasya-Labolas" to fend off the group while Elrane teleports away with the Lens, causing the Flying Dragon to lose its power source and descend into the sea. Managing to survive on a beach, the group awakens only to notice the Aeth'er capital Dycroft looming in the distance, the very city that was destroyed 18 years prior. What they soon realize is that they are in an alternate timeline of the present, a different reality birthed from Elrane's manipulation of the past. In this timeline, the group discovers that people are segregated into dome-like cities, where they live their whole lives without knowledge of the outside world.

The Tampering of History and Reality

Status image in Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave.

In Elrane's new ideal world, everything is centered around the vacancy of knowledge to equate happiness, while the citizens of the lifeless cities adhere to Elrane's doctrines and preaching of the goddess Fortuna. In this new timeline, the group also discovers that Barbatos has been made a hero to contrast his dark place in actual history. Without war, disease, or famine, the people live in an ignorant harmony, unaware of actual events, and even the fabricated history of the world has painted Elrane as the messenger of the goddess, providing the world with its Lens. The winners and losers of the Aeth'er Wars are now reversed, and the group makes the dreadful realization that their world is now gone because of Elrane.

Learning that Elrane governs the world from the heavenly capital of Dycroft, the group pursues her via the "Temple of Light" nestled within a nearby mountain. There, they are forced to defeat Elrane's general Dantalion to proceed, eventually confronting Elrane within Dycroft, where she basks in her accomplishments, having finally acquired enough power through Lens to form this new reality. It is here that Elrane reveals Judas's true identity as the traitor Leon Magnus. She then hurls each member of the group into a nightmare of their deepest fears with the intent of shattering their spirits. As each of them break the spell, Elrane questions their resolve to live in a world with such pain, confused as to why they would choose it over unconditional happiness, but the group holds firm to their beliefs and seeks to restore their world and its history. With this in mind, Reala uses her power to teleport the group to the Aeth'er Wars period prior to Elrane's meddling.

There, they meet with the famed Harold Berselius, who is actually a female scientist despite history's records. She believes their time-traveling story and convinces the Er'ther army generals to allow the group to join them in battle as allies against the Aeth'er threat. With Harold's assistance, the group manages to amplify the power of Reala's pendant, providing her with the ability to hurl the group back to the future to finally put an end to Elrane's plans. They arrive at the Straylize Temple and learn that Elrane is in Kalviola, so they venture to the desert continent of Calvalese to find the deepest portions of Kalviola are veiled in an ominous atmosphere of macabre decor. The group defeats the general Gaap and listens to Elrane's plan of wiping the slate clean, so to speak, for the creation of her new world and its reality: an imitation of the Lens-infused meteor that collided with the planet over 1,000 years prior, killed the majority of the human population, and hurled the world into an everlasting winter.

The Reenacted Descent of Fortuna

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Fortuna, the goddess who descended upon the world via the original comet in an incomplete form, will now be "birthed" again via the new comet as part of Elrane's mission, the new comet being dubbed by Elrane as the "Egg of God". This imitation of history's most tragic event apart from the Aeth'er Wars will now be designed to make Fortuna's descent perfect via the energy spurred by the collision. With the group's plan to kill the goddess Fortuna, Elrane makes it clear that both she and Reala are part of Fortuna, meaning their deaths would translate as a result of Fortuna's. Reala confirms her role as Fortuna's messenger and the fate she was destined to fulfill through her creation and descent upon the world.

Elraine then departs, leaving the group to return to Heidelberg to access the situation and their dilemma. They speak with Garr, to the hero Philia Felice at the Straylize Temple, and eventually to Kyle's mother Rutee Katrea back in Cresta, making a detour to the Laguna Ruins, where Kyle and Reala share an intimate moment to recondition themselves for the battle ahead and whatever results it may bring. As the Egg of God appears, the group readies themselves for what lies ahead: Elrane and the descent of Fortuna. Within the depths of God's Egg, the group finds Elrane preparing for Fortuna's birth, where she beckons them for their relentlessness in disrupting the perfect harmony of her new reality and Fortuna's place in it.

Refusing to falter, she engages the group in battle but loses, vanishing with her defeat while muttering the failure of her mission. However, Fortuna then makes her descent and seeks to continue where Elrane left off, unable to conceive that humans do not need her and ultimately deciding to eradicate them entirely as a final resolve. This also fails, as the group manages to overcome Fortuna in battle and correct history to restore the world to its intended reality. Although Elrane and Fortuna are gone, Kyle finds Reala deep within the Laguna Ruins, the very place they first met at the beginning of the story.

Appearance and Personality

Elrane Concept.jpg

Elrane is a woman of an elegant, graceful demeanor, carrying herself as the fitting pinnacle of the Order of Atamoni. She has light skin and brown hair that is braided into two hoops at the sides of her face and down into a long ponytail that reaches the ground and is fastened with a jeweled orb. Her stern facial expression is accomplished through her delicate, seemingly-colorless eyes and minimum makeup.

Elrane dons an elaborate, religious hat of white and gold design that flaunts two red jewels in front: a small one at her forehead and a large one at top. Her extravagant attire consists of a large, almost medieval-resembling white dress with black and yellow intricacies. The large collars of the dress conceal Elrane's arms and hands, instead displaying only a black-ruffled void in each. At the torso center of her dress lies a golden, winged emblem accompanied by yet another jeweled orb, which is replicated once more down below, accompanied by two more orbs and a blue material. The underside of Elrane's dress, though rarely visible, reveals a dark purple robe.

Fighting Style

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In battle, Elrane fights using an unusual staff with glowing blue ends. Although she uses her weapon to strike enemies when they are close to her, she mostly applies it to spell channeling, casting powerful Light-elemental spells with little to no chanting time. Elrane has access to all the game's Light spells, the strongest of these being Sol Bright, and yields the powerful non-elemental Twinkle Star, Mix Master, and Indignant Judgment, the last of these, along with Sol Bright, granting her a cut-in in the PlayStation Portable version of the game. Despite the game's heavy reliance on extensions, Elrane is capable of using both Trinity Spark and Mix Master normally or as extensions, a luxury not afforded to the game's playable characters. During her final battle, she uses three Field of Effects to inflict the "Freeze", "Weak", and "Slow" status ailments on nearby victims.

Other Appearances

Tales of the Rays

Cut-in image for Tales of the Rays.

Elrane appears as a nexus working for the Asgard Empire, exoflected for their research into miracles and divine powers from other worlds. The zealot initially sympathizes with the Empire's desire for Tir Na Nog's salvation but eventually learns how they intend to accomplish that goal. Not seeing anything that resembles her idea of salvation, Elrane abandons the Empire. Along the way, she encounters Kyle, Reala, and Judas during one of the party's operations. She taunts them with her plans to exoflect Fortuna and soon gains the upper hand in battle. When it seems like Elrane is about to kill Kyle after he exerts all his strength in a desperation attack, Judas flies into a rage, but Reala stops him after realizing what is happening. The "finishing move" turns out to be a healing spell, and Kyle recovers instantly, although he is very confused.

After acknowledging their strength and resolve, Elrane explains that following her initial failure to exoflect Fortuna, she still found solace in her original mission of observing humanity and granting them happiness. Seeing that Tir Na Nog is the same type of godless world Kyle and his friends desperately fought to create in their original one, Elrane decides to give them a chance to prove themselves. As long as humanity continues fighting to overcome hardship and achieve happiness, she will aid the party as Fortuna's servant against the Empire. Should they falter, she will continue the pursuit of summoning her god.

When Empire soldiers soon appear to subdue the party, Elrane stays behind to let the others escape. The group is hesitant but quickly relent when Marcus Grimm and Barbatos arrive to investigate why they had not rendezvoused yet. After defeating the soldiers, Elrane joins the Salvation Front as they travel the world to defeat the Empire. Although her powers are weakened and no longer capable of miraculous feats, she still aids the citizens by healing the sick and injured.